Allen Darman *AllenD* ASKS All of America and The WORLD to PLACE A WATCH On The LIVES Of a HEROIC Hippie COUPLE Traveling To Him By Train In January 2013 Sometime (1-4-2013)

I think the two people that have been heroically helping me since April 2012 are finally going to DO THE RIGHT THING FOR ALL THREE OF US!

Hopefully They are ***FINALLY*** GOING TO **GET ON** THAT TRAIN!!! to *come get me!*, and *escort me back to San Francisco!* in early February!

I pray to God things go as planned in regard to the above.

It so turns out that these two anonymous people may not be the lesbian 420subs I thought they were. None of this matters to me. I love these two human beings whomever they may be for what they have heroically done for the United States of America, for the World, and for me!

The three of us expect to live together until death do us part, as the Mafia is not too happy with our WordPress work, to say the very least! Hopefully three will turn into four or five or six, as there is Safety In Numbers when dealing with Mafia subterfuge and their poison gas! (We really could use a Rented House! in San Francisco! If there happen to be any Angelic Philanthropists out there!)

If we3 make it back to San Francisco safe and sound, and we continue to work together as we have been, I, Allen Darman, Can Practically Guarantee we will make an Internet Freedom Woodstock happen in San Francisco this July!!! assuming we3 remain alive!

Allen Darman


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