Warning! Adult420XXX Content With Love Attached! From Your 420SmokeMasterAllenD: Nite Nite U2 Lesbian 420Sub Sweet Cherry Pies!!! Have Some 420CuddleAndNibbleFun!!! I Hope U2 420Smokey Serf Bears Do Not Get Gassed While I Sleep! (1-17-2013)


Apparently America does not yet fully understand the Magnitude Of Heroism being exhibited by these two Lesbian 420Submissive WordPress Website Development Specialists. (If it did, massive concrete action would occur to immediately help them.)

Day after day these two heroic Freedom Fighters are Professionally Editing And Preparing Dozens of WordPress Web Pages On One WordPress Team Website Of Ours Or Another, While The Mafia (their most likely assassin) keeps repeatedly injecting poison gas into their living space.

I can’t imagine the Bravery And Ability to Handle Adversity of these two women. They both deserve All that America Could Possibly Give Them and More.

Allen Darman


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