Some Great News! For Our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team: Jim Humble And The Miracle Mineral Supplement Folks Have Become Aware Of Our Plight And Picked Up A Number Of Our Key WordPress Blogs Up On One Of Their Websites (Updated on 1-18-2013)

Addressed to Both Jim Humble Personally and To All The Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) Folks:

I Cannot Thank You And Your Organization Enough for carrying Links to My WordPress Collaborative Internet Teams’ WordPress Blogs As We Develop Them on the Bottom of one of your Websites.

I have been very interested in MMS for quite some time, and for years I followed the conversation on, and posted my discoveries to, the Main Yahoo Group that deals with MMS.

MMS deals with a Broad Spectrum Removal of Bad Biology In the Body, and It Does So Very Inexpensively, and In A Very Patient Empowering Way. It Is One Of the Greatest Health Discoveries In Human History, just as my son Willy Darman’s and my Co-discovery of Willy’s Baggie Is.

There Are Five Fundamental Principles in regard to gaining, retaining, and recovering human health. These are as follows:

1) Maximize One’s Essential Nutrient Status

2) Minimize One’s Toxic Load

3) Minimize One’s Allergic Load, especially food allergens

4) Correct For All Common Malabsorptive Issues

5) Minimize One’s Bad Biological Load

My son Willy’s Baggie goes a long way at Resolving Point #1 in the Above List, MMS and MMS2 go a long way at Resolving Point #5. Both of these Discoveries Help To Resolve Point #2, which is to Resolve One’s Toxic Load. (Willy’s Baggie does so by fortifying Detoxification Pathways, and MMS/MMS2 does so by Reducing Bad Biology, which produces a myriad of toxins that greatly contribute to One’s Toxic Load.)


Again, I wish to Thank You for Bravely Carrying Our Teams’ Links. In doing so, you are helping to spread the news in regard to the Dire Plight of My Two Heroic Lesbian 420Submissive WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Members in San Francisco.

I will do all I can in the future to fight side by side with you and the MMS Movement against our two shared enemies of Big Pharma and Our Own Federal Government.

All the very best,

Allen Darman aka 420SmokeMasterAllenD


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