America Should Be Ashamed If It Let’s Allen Darman and/or His Two Lesbian WordPress Website Development Specialists Die at The Hands Of The Mafia Or The Federal Government (12-12-12 Updated 1-18-2013)

After the Dozens of Poison Gas Attacks My Two Heroic Lesbian 420Submissive WordPress Team Members have gone through beginning on or about December 10th, attacks that have become much more Frequent of Late, No One Yet has come to their Rescue.

These Two Brave Women are still struggling to Stay Alive On A Day To Day Basis, and Doing So More Or Less Alone.

Although My Entire WordPress Team Deeply Appreciates the Heroic Internet Help in one way or another that Google, Jim Humble and the MMS folks, a Well Connected (over 4,000 followers) WordPress Blogger Named Lesley Carter (, and others on the Internet have done…

I cannot help but think “How Am I Going To Feel?” And “How Are We All Going To Feel?” If My Two Girls Die Soon As A Result of A Poison Gas Attack, or Die Soon By Other Means.

I know that I am going to feel that “I Failed to Write On A WordPress Blog What Needed To Be Said” For These Two Women To Take the Three Critically Necessary Actions of (1) Releasing Both Of Their Names To the World, (2) Releasing their Exact Physical Location To the World, and (3) Getting On A Train Headed for Albany, New York ASAP.

All of Us, myself included, should be ashamed if these 2 Heroes Die Soon, and we could have either Collaboratively Helped and/or Individually Helped these 2 Lesbian Heroes to have avoided Mafia induced Death.


Allen Darman aka 420SmokeMasterAllenD


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