Allen Darman Just Received The 2nd Report For The Date Of 1-18-2013 Of His Two Lesbian 420Sub Friends Being SUBJECTED TO A Their 2nd POISON GAS ATTACK ON 1-18-2013 Most Probably From The Mafia; Suspect Number Two For This Is The United States Federal Government They Are Guilty As An Internet Eyewitness THAT DOES NOTHING TO HELP Regardless (1-18-2013)

It Puzzles Me How The Mafia Thinks That They Can Kill My 2 Lesbian 420Submissive WordPress Partners In Front Of The Internet Connected World And Get Away With This Unscathed.

Does not the Mafia realize how fragile our current Federal Government Is, and that We, the Aware General Public, have had enough, as far as our loss of Freedom goes.

And does not the Mafia realize that we are in a Pre-Revolution Stage, and that Revolution Against the Current United States Federal Government is Inevitable at this point?

Furthermore, does not the Mafia realize that if they kill my two girls in San Francisco this event WILL WAKE UP A LOT OF PEOPLE IN REGARD TO BECOMING AWARE OF THE MAFIA, AND ITS COLLUSION WITH OUR CURRENT FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, BIG PHARMA, and The FDA?

If my two Lesbian 420Submissive Heroes Die At the Hands of the Mafia Before We Join Up With Each Other, I Am Going To Redirect My WordPress Blogging Efforts Substantially, And Blog Against The Mafia Until They Kill Me Too.

Perhaps The Collective Deaths Of the Three of Us Will Wake America Up In Regard To the Fact That To Regain True Freedom, they have to fight the Mafia.

It would be wiser for the Mafia to change its course, and work with me and those that support me (my WordPress Team, Google, WordPress, Facebook, etc.) To Use Their Power To Save America, rather than Stay On The Sinking Ship that They Are On Now. (I pledge to do everything in my power to make sure that your organization will be quite well paid if you do this.)

Allen Darman

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