Allen Darman Just Received The 3rd Report For The Date Of 1-18-2013 Of His Two Lesbian 420Sub Friends Being SUBJECTED TO A Their 3rd POISON GAS ATTACK ON 1-18-2013 Most Probably From The Mafia; Suspect Number Two For This Is The United States Government They Are Guilty As An Internet Eyewitness That Does Nothing Regardless (1-18-2013)

The Second Poison Gas Attack had some copy attached to it. I have yet to have access to a computer today to be able to cut and paste this copy in here. I am not good at all with using cut and paste on a Smart Phone, so this will have to wait.

Every single day now my two lesbian WordPress friends are being whacked with poison gas.

The Mafia whacked me numerous times for three out of four days between the first and the fourth of April 2011 while I was blogging against Big Pharma. There is an extensive Blog Record of this, as I was prolifically blogging while these attacks occurred in order to alert the World of the Mafia and Big Pharma being in bed together, and in order to try to save my own life.

Having Poison Gas that can kill you (if you do not have access to fresh air) being repeatedly injected into your living space is no fun, believe me!

These two lesbian woman are Heroes for putting up with and surviving this, while doing their best to Professionally Prepare My WordPress Blog Output on Numerous WordPress Websites from afar.

America will lose two of its Very Best if these two lesbians go down.

Make no mistake about this.

Allen Darman

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