About Me and About Us >Short and Long Version< (1-17-2013)

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About Me and About Us >Short and Long Version< (1-17-2013)

Posted on January 17, 2013 by SmokeMasterAllenD

*Important Prefacing Notes*:

My Primary WordPress Website Since July 2009 Or So has been Nutrientscure Dot WordPress Dot Com.


The Above WordPress Website has over two thousand and four hundred (2,400) WordPress Blogs on it (as of January 17, 2013).


As of April 10, 2012, I Am No Longer WordPress Blogging Alone On The Internet.

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My Two Heroic Lesbian 420Sub WordPress Website Development Specialists in San Francisco, Fellow WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Member Mark in Florida, and I Fully Intend to Start an Internet Woodstock hosted in the San Francisco Area this July. 

We Sincerely Hope that Google, Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress will support us in this Endeavor, especially Google, the Internet Powerhouse that “Holds All the Cards” as far as Internet Freedom goes. 

We Pray To God And Our Fellow Americans
That All Four of
Our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Will
Remain Alive and Free until
This Internet Woodstock Event happens!
And If Not, that
And WordPress
Will Jointly Carry Out
This Internet Woodstock Event in Memorial To Us. 

Allen Darman and his Heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team