Allen Darman Prays To God That His Two Special Lesbian 420Sub WordPress Website Development Friends Are Still Alive This Morning (1-17-2013)

Every Night when I go to sleep from exhaustion
And can no longer do any more For America,
For the World,
And For My Two Special Lesbian 420Submissive!!!
WordPress Website Development Friends!,
I have to hope that
The Murderous Poison Gas Attacks
That They Have Been Repeatedly Going Through
Don’t finally succeed in killing them.

When I Put My Head On My Pillow And Close My Eyes,
I have to Simply Trust In God
That My Two Heroic Lesbian 420Submissive! Helpers
Will Still Be Alive In the Morning.

If the day ever comes
That They Are Not Alive In The Morning,
This would be a Sad Day
For the United States of America,
It would be a Sad Day for the World, and
It would be **An Especially Sad Day For Me.**

I love these Two Lesbian Heroes So Dearly.

Allen Darman

Notable Quotes

The best time for planning a book is while you are doing the dishes.
Agatha Christie

For Me! 420SmokeMasterAllenD! the Best Time!
For Planning An Internet Freedom Woodstock Event!
Or For Planning A Justifiable Revolution In America!
Would Be **While Sharing!**
A **Freshly Loaded Bong!!!**
With my two Lesbian 420Submissive!!!
Revolutionary WordPress Special Friends!!!
At **Our Apartment!!!**
In San Francisco!!!!!
Allen Darman
aka 420SmokeMasterAllenD!


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