Allen Darman Will Not Meet With The Mafia Without Multiple Eyewitness Protection (12-31-2012) (Republished 1-10-2013) (Updated 1-11-2013)

I have **No Doubt Whatsoever** that
A Mutually Beneficial Arrangement
Can Be Discovered,
And Implemented By
The New Internet Based Government
That Will Soon Rule In America
And the American Mafia.
It Is Only A Matter Of
Some Research Being Performed,
A Little Bit Of Creative Thinking,
Adherence To the Pledge
To Assign the Mafia One Seat
At the Presidential Round Table of Eight,
And perhaps some Honesty
And Faith on both our parts.

It Would Be Wise for the American Mafia
To Allow My Two Lesbian Friends And I
To See the Above Through
Vs. Kill Some Or All Of Us
In A Hopeless Effort
To Stop Soon To Be
System Change
As A Result Of
That Will Occur
Whether We Remain Alive
Or Are Murdered By You.

Allen Darman


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