420SmokeMasterAllenD Is Preparing For The Soon 2 Be Arrival Of My Two Heroic Lesbian 420Submissive WordPress Serf Bears! And Obedient 420Slaves! (1-12-2013)

You Two Lesbian 420submissive!!!
Slaves! And WordPress Serf Bears!!!
Will have Your Own Bedroom!!!
With a Hardwired
Broadband Internet Connection!
For the Duration of Your Stay Here,
However Long or Short It May Be.

Essentially My Bedroom
Just Got Converted to Yours!
All It Really Needs Is
A $40 Oil Filled Noiseless Electric Heater,
A Few New Blinds,
And Perhaps A Wider Mattress.
(I will do what I can in these regards.)

I am in the process of
“Making myself another temporary use
Bedroom in this house”,
as well as doing what I can
To straighten out
Some of the mess around here out.

There is a bathroom upstairs.

The biggest negative I see is
When my sister is sleeping,
Quiet will have to be maintained,
as her Bedroom shares a Wall with Yours.

My temporary sleeping/working room
Is going to be real rough,
But it will be in the cellar,
Where we can make all the noise we want!!!
(within reason, of course).

Another option for us is
An Extended Stay America Suite somewhere,
but I don’t have the dough for this.

I Don’t Think We Will be Here
On the East Coast That Long,
Perhaps until my next
Social Security Disability Money arrives
On the first of February.

I greatly look forward to
The Safe Arrival of U2 to
201 Hollywood Avenue, Albany New York!

God and Google are on our side!
I trust that their Presence will get U2 here Safely!
And Fairly Soon!

Allen Darman


Puff Puff Pass!

Your 420SmokeMasterAllenD!


Notable Quotes

Every writer I know has trouble writing.Joseph Heller

My son Willy Darman and I co-discovered the Cure to Writer’s Block!!! in the summer of 2004. We call it Willy’s Baggie (of nutritional and natural supplements). I am a dummy! I did not realize the Great Significance of what my son and I had co-discovered (Willy being the bigger part of this) until almost two years later! Willy had to ask me to make his Willy’s Baggies again in May 2006. If he didn’t ask me this, I would have completely missed the boat here. The World owes my son Willy Darman a Huge Thank You for what he discovered and what he did. Ironically, Willy does not have a clue in regard to the enormity of what his Willy’s Baggie discovery really means for the entire human race. Allen Darman



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