Allen Darman Was Signaled By His Two Lesbian 420sub WordPress Website Specialists On Website Of By Blog Positioning That A Murderous Poison Gas Attack Occurred During The Night As He Slept (1-14-2013)

The Poison Gas attacks on My 2 Lesbian 420Submissive WordPress Serf Bears And Very Stoned And Hardworking 420Special Friends continue unabated.

This Poison Gas May Be Being Injected Into the Apartment that My 2 Girls Live In as I write this!!!

The WordPress Website that we3 are using to Communicate Via Blog Positioning Whether My Lesbian 420Sub Friends have been whacked with poison gas again or not is

Take that train u2.

The train is the Only Answer that I have 4 U2.

I love you both.

Allen Darman


Puff Puff Pass!



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