AllenD Is Almost Certain That NUMEROUS Emails To Him Are Getting Federally Monitored And Selectively Deleted And/Or Blocked (12-29-2012)

Every time I turn my phone on I actually see the emails to my email address get deleted “by count” on the top left hand corner of my Smart Phone.

I will give an example here.

In the Top Left Hand Corner of my Smart Phone, it might say something like 38 new emails. Then it will say something like 35 new emails, then 33 new emails, then 29 new emails, then 24 new emails, and then stop at 22 new emails!!! Or perhaps even less!

I have been watching these Descending Counts to my Yahoo email inbox for months now… every time I turn on my Smart Phone(s).

I NEVER GET A SINGLE PERSONALLY ADDRESSED EMAIL FROM ANYONE. This has been true for so many months I cannot remember when.

Allen Darman

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