Today Work Assignment For: All WordPress Collaborative Internet Smart Team Members: You Must Read And Follow Up On Article Titled: ‘Father of the Internet’: Why we must fight for its Freedom (1-12-2013)

I, Allen Darman, Cannot Thank Google Enough for both their Stance on Internet Freedom and how much they are helping my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team in “a behind the scenes manner”.

WordPress Management by Allen D (aka ADOGG)

This Article was written by Mr. Vinton Cerf, who is the Vice President of Google. It was Originally Published in on November 30, 2012 to the best of my knowledge.

This article is all over the Internet.
Simply Search for its Title Using Google.

Imbedded in this article
Is a link to a Google Owned Website
In regard to Internet Freedom.

In this Google Owned Website
In regard to Internet Freedom
There is a Form that anyone can fill out
And Submit to Google.

This Form has blocks for one’s First Name,
Last Name,
And Email Address.
It also has a Blank Block
For Remarks and/or Comments.
This Blank Block is *Great Place!!!*
For all Team members
“To report to Google their own personal story”
As far as what they have witnessed,
And Do So In Your OWN WORDS.

Especially detail what you know
In regard to our

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