What May Be ***THE ONLY COURSE OF ACTION*** To Save Two Lesbian 420sub WordPress Internet Freedom Heroes From **Certain Death** Quite Soon! (1-11-2013)

I, Allen Darman, am Not Under Any Immediate Threat
Of Dying At The Hands Of the Powers that Be.

They Are Too Afraid Of Making A Martyr Out Of Me.

Half of my Four Member WordPress Team
In Part Because Thus Far They Have Made
Two Foolish Decisions.

One of these Foolish Decisions Is
To Not Ally With Me By Name,
As a Heroic Man Named Mark J. of
http://CoveredWebServices.com did.

The Second Foolish Decision
My Two Dearly Beloved Lesbian 420sub
WordPress Collaborators has made, is
That they have yet to
Widely Internet Publish their Travel Plans,
and Get On An Amtrak Train
to Join Up With Me.

The Above Course Of Action Is Quite Literally
The Only Chance that They Have
Of Surviving Another Month Or Two.

These Two Heroes May Be Dead Next Week.

I Pray that “They Wake Up” and
“*Get Real Smart*” Quite Soon.

Allen Darman

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