A Heartfelt Thank You To Larry Page All the Smart Folks At Google And Every Single Member Of My Heroic WordPress Website Development Intuitively Collaborative WordPress Team! Together We Are Going To Change The World! I Was Nothing Without All Of U! (Updated on 1-11-2013)


In Retrospect, I believe that I may have made a Strategic Mistake in naming Larry Page in this “Thank You Google WordPress Blog”.

I don’t want to bring any Unnecessary Federal or Mafia Heat Upon Someone that *May Or May Not* Have Made A Management Decision (or Decisions) to help my Internet Collaborative WordPress Team.

Incidentally, this “Thank You Google WordPress Blog” was Originally Posted to the Internet A Few Weeks Ago (about Christmastime I think). I have been reviewing Our Internet “Intuitively Collaborative” WordPress Team’s Presence On Google (while using their search engine) on a Daily Basis since then.
It is Patently Obvious To Me that Someone, Or More Than One, Person Employed By Google Has Been Reading My WordPress Blogs Extensively, and Is Making Multiple Decisions That Are Helpful To My WordPress Team and I.

I Personally Can Not Thank Google Enough for what they are doing behind the scenes to help my WordPress Team and I.

Perhaps Needless To Say, If My Dreams Come True, and Our Corrupt Corporate And Mafia Controlled Federal Government Falls To The Truth As A Result Of An Internet Freedom Woodstock Event, Google has been Assigned One Seat At The Presidential Round Table, If Not Two, Or Even Three.


Allen Darman


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