U.S. Federal Government Censors And Federal Hackers Apparently Have Removed The Key WordPress Blog Titled Notable Quotes By Allen Darman (12-6-2012) On http://IdeasForInternetGovernment.WordPress.com NO LINKS That Refer To This Root Blog Work (1-9-13)

The Link Below will lead to a Dead End eventually,
due to the Fact that
the Notable Quotes By Allen Darman (12-6-2012) Root
WordPress Blog on http://IdeasForInternetGovernment.WordPress.com was Hacker Removed from this WordPress Website
on or about December 17, 2012.

The Version of Notable Quotes that I wrote on
December 6th 2012 delved heavily into
Defining Much of the Software Platform
that Should Be Considered
In Regard To Setting Up An Internet Based Government.
It also said a Number of Things
Under Freedom Of Speech Laws
that were a clear threat to the Federal Government,
for they could readily be used to
Create, Educate And Mobilize
Many New American Revolutionaries.

The United States Federal Government
simply *HAD TO* Remove
my “Notable Quotes By Allen Darman (12-6-2012)” WordPress Blog.

They *had to* because…

The Federal Government Is
Fighting For Its Own Survival
Against The Truth As Spoken On Numerous Professionally Set Up WordPress Websites of
My Revolutionary WordPress Website Development Collaborative Internet WordPress Team.

One Of Us Has To Go Down, Or Both Of Us Will.


Either the United States Federal Government Falls To
The Truth In 2013, and My Revolutionary WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Of Four Survives,


The Feds Jail Or Kill Us Four,
And Our Martyrdom
In Front Of WordPress, Google, Facebook, and Twitter Buries Them Back
With An Internet Freedom Woodstock and
An Internet Generated Revolution.

There Is No Win! For Our Corporate And Mafia Controlled Corrupt Federal Government At This Point In Time.

There Is ONLY A WIN FOR US! The 99 Percent Of Us!
My WordPress Team Members And I
Hope To Live Long Enough To See It!

Allen Darman
Or 420SmokeMasterAllenD

Link that leads to a Dead End because the Key Root WordPress Blog Titled “Notable Quotes By Allen Darman (12-6-2012)” was Hacker Removed from a WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Website: http://wp.me/p2m0Ce-k

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