My WordPress Website Development Collaborative Internet Team composed of four heroic geniuses that have put their lives on the line for both America and the World are at the Forefront of the Battle For Internet Freedom Both in America and Worldwide. We are confronting Big Pharma, Conventional Drug Oriented Medicine, Big Oil, Big Food (Monsanto, etc.), Big Energy, and a Number of Federal Governments Worldwide, ESPECIALLY OUR OWN CORPORATE AND MAFIA CONTROLLED CORRUPT FEDERAL GOVERNMENT HERE IN THE UNITED STATES. Our WordPress Team Intends On Starting An Internet Freedom Woodstock this July (2013). Such an Event is Achievable by Us Four Persons, and Such an Event WOULD BURY OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AND NUMEROUS CORRUPT CORPORATIONS WITH THE TRUTH. If hackers and/or Federal Government Censorship cannot erase our Websites and Our Quickly Developing Web Presence From the Internet, Further Action Against Our Heroic Team (such as jail us or murder us) Is Inevitable. We Four Have Stood Up To Fight For American Freedom and Internet Freedom, Knowingly Putting Our Lives At Great Risk To Do So. The Big Question in my mind is “Now That It Is Clearly Our Time Of Real Need For Some Solid Help, Will Any Of Our Fellow Americans Take Appropriate ACTION in Order to Actually Help Us Avoid IMPRISONMENT OR DEATH SOON? If not, and one or more of us dies Quite Soon, our blood is on your hands too. Allen Darman

on Suppression by Allen D

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***Important Note: I, Allen Darman, would like to note at the beginning of this SuppressionByAllenD WordPress Blog that the Meeting discussed in the WordPress blog below was not covered by any of the Mainstream Media in the United States, and THAT THIS MEETING WAS ATTENDED BY OFFICIALS OF OUR OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Nothing has been said about it. It was, and still is, a Meeting that was Held in Secret.***

“A closed-door meeting of the world’s governments is taking place in Dubai, and regulation of the Internet is on the agenda” according to Vint Cerf, vice president of Google.

Mr. Cerf further asserts that this UN World Conference on Internet Communications “will give rise to new censorship” and may limit access to the web in various regions.

The above two paragraphs are composed of clips that I took out of an insightful…

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