4U2 Lesbian 420submissive WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Members: The Most Likely Scenario Is This The Mafia Leaned On Someone In Your Building And Installed An Apparatus To INJECT POISON GAS Into Your Apartment To Murder You; The U.S. Federal Government Or Big Pharma Might Have Put the Mafia Up To This; The Federal Government Is Witnessing These Multiple Murder Attempts Over The Internet And Yet Does Nothing To Help You Two (1-5-2013)

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My Two Lesbian WordPress “Special Friends” report to me that they are being subjected to deadly poison again on the morning of January 5th 2013!!! (A Later Amendment to the prior sentence: This is a bad gas attack that has been going on for hours now.)

I keep telling my 2 Lesbian WordPress Special Friends to jump on a train to Albany NY… but they have yet to take me up on this Wise Suggestion. If they leave their apartment in broad daylight, take Public Transportation to the Amtrak Station, and Get On An Amtrak Train to Albany NY it would be Impossible For the Mafia to kill them without the World Finding Out About This.

For the World To Find Out that the Mafia killed U2 is the Last Thing They Want To Have Happen, believe me on this.

The Power of the Mafia stems from the fact that “they do things in secret”… they kill people and no one knows that they did it. (This Principle is why I personally am still alive. The Mafia can’t just shoot me on the street, but they repeatedly tried to kill me in 2011 and 2012 with an undetectable poison gas, just as they are trying to kill You Two with the same.)

I took the Amtrak Train to Frisco in May and survived the trip, and I was alone. U2 have the Great Advantage of Traveling With Each Other.

As much as U2 have undergone Frequent and Multiple Murderous Poison Gas Attacks since Christmas Eve night, I’d certainly get out of where you are now.

Lastly, forget about contacting ANY LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY, TO INCLUDE THE LOCAL BRANCH OF THE FBI. It is Extremely Likely that your contact with such will be Monitored, Redirected, or Both. In addition to this, it is A Near Certainty that the Mafia Has Adequate Control Of Them All. (Mafia Power is wide ranging, far more than most people realize.)

Allen Darman
Puff Puff Pass!

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