A Heartfelt Thank You To All the Smart Folks At WordPress Google Facebook And Twitter And To Every Single Member Of My Heroic Revolutionary WordPress Website Development Collaborative Internet Team! Together We Are Going To Change The World! I Was Nothing Without All of YOU! (1-6-2013)

The https “Thank You To Google And Larry Page WordPress Blog” is GONE! It has been removed by Federal Or Mafia hackers it seems. I should perhaps note that since some of the material in this WordPress Reblog was written there have been so many poison gas attacks on the two Lesbian WordPress Website Developers On My WordPress Team that I have decided to put any thoughts of meeting with the Mafia to talk things out on hold for the time being. This is because I am uncertain of who is behind these repeated murder attempts. All I do know is that are extremely likely to come from one of two parties… the Mafia Or Our Own Federal Government. If not, it was from my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team suggesting in an intuitive fashion that I edit the Title, which I have done in the Above.



***Important Note: On January 5, 2013 I checked the “https” WordPress Blog Link Reflected Above And Noticed That It Was GONE!!! If Federal Hackers OR Mafia Hackers Can Remove An “https” WordPress Blog They Can Remove Anything It Seems. AllenD***

Dear Heroic WordPress Collaborative Revolutionary Team:

The Internet Powerhouse Called Google Is The MOST POWERFUL Internet EYEWITNESS We Could Possibly Have!

As a Result of Reviewing a Number of Searches on Google, it is quite apparent to me that Google is On Our Side!

More details are for Another Blog!


Allen Darman


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