America Should Place a WATCH Over 4 WORDPRESS Folks 4 Its Own Sake as Well as Ours

Sorry I am late posting this Copy, but I had to Make a Number of Phone Calls and Sort Some Weirdness Out.

I May Be Wrong in “My Major Assumption” in the Copy Below… but IdonotthinksoHelenVeryOddlySlammedtheDoorOnMeInvitation-wise, but I have made Other “Crash Safely” LivingArrangementsAsPertheBelow…

I will be in Utica NY for a Maximum Five Day Period beginning Noon Saturday, but I will not be staying at Helen’s. ThreeDays2SeeU2wouldBeawholeLotBetter.. asin”ByNOONTOFIVEPMOnTUESDAY”…ifU2canDoSoSafely.

If NoOneShowsbyThursdayLatestIAmGoingtoReturnTo
If I getinaJam

I strongly suspect (over 95% ODDSIFIHADTOGUESS) that Helen was “Leaned On” (pressured w/threats of Death) to NotHelpMeInAnyWay.

SuchaMethodology couldhavebeenappliedbyEithertheMafiaOrtheFeds.

ItIsClassicMafiaMethodology, butThisCouldBe”FalseFlag”.

More Copy cominglatersometime I have NewPosts2doElsewhereSeeUInAFew…


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