A Call 4 Justifiable Revolution In America (12-11-12)

Work In Progress>>> We3 *Wordpress Website Development Specialists* Reflected In The “Will You Marry Me?” WordPress Blog Are Generating Some Of…

The Most Useful And Insightful Material In the United States In Regard To…

Calling For A *Justifiable Revolution In America* Against *Our Corrupt Corporate and Mafia Controlled Federal Government*…

>>>Beginning At *An Internet Freedom Event* Called >>iRock4iFreedom2013<< That *We Expect To Host W/Others* Sometime In San Francisco In July 2013!<<<

More Coming Soon…

Allen D and His *Brave WordPress Website Development Team*

My Blog

Addressed To My 2 San Franscico Lesbian 420Sub WordPress Slaves…

Will u2 Both Marry Me? I Love *Who u2 Are* and *The Choices u2 Have Made*

I have felt a Great Deal Of Love 4 u2 4 Quite Some Time Now.

I Cannot Help But Ask u2…

Will u2 Marry Me? Either In Spirit Or On Paper?

I Could Not Ask 4 Two Better Life Partners!

*U2 Watch My Back And I’ll Watch Yours* is how the saying goes.

*I Am Obedient to God at All Times*

*U2 Must Be Obedient 2 Me At All Times 2!*

*Back Rubs Between Us Are Always OK… Because Human Touch Can Transfer Love Without Sex Getting In the Way!*

I Would Be Good at Playing *Masseuse* for *My 420 Submissive Lesbian Serf Bears and Slaves*…

And *I Will Train u2 Well 2 Be Very Good 4 Me This Way!* U2 Are Going to…

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