Chris Hedges Article Titled Stand Still For The Apocalypse Is A Must Read For All Humanity (12-4-2012)

This article is easily found on the Internet by searching for its title (just as my WordPress blogs are).

This article concerns a report prepared for the World Bank in regard to global warming by the end of this century.

I find it ironic that the necessary actions needed to be taken in the U.S. to avoid apocolypse worldwide are not ever going to be initiated by our Federal Government unless the Mafia becomes enlightened and makes our Federal Government do so.

The actions referred to in the above paragraph concern the Federal Government being forced to end its suppression of a multitude of low carbon dioxide producing or no carbon dioxide producing Energy Inventions… and instead be forced to support such. (These Energy Inventions are enumerated by material written by Gary Vesperman in a prior Nutrientscure WordPress blog of mine titled Suppression Of Great Truth Is The Norm It Seems.)

Allen Darman

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