Repost: Two Persons That the OWS People’s Movement Should Become Aware Of and Why (10/21/2011*)

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Repost: Two Persons That the OWS People’s Movement Should Become Aware Of and Why (10/19/2011)

The Federal Government in America is “a Government of the Corporation, by the Corporation, and for the Corporation”, and let the People be Damned.

Finally the People have had enough of the Corporations! Finally the People Are Mobilizing in the Streets! Finally the People Are Going To Be Heard! And finally the Corporations are going to lose their stranglehold on our Governance! It is only a matter of Time!

The OWS People’s Movement has seized this moment in history. The smell of Revolution is in the air!

The challenge before the OWS movement is both a massive and complex one. There is much to be learned, and much to be done.

It is critical that the OWS movement gain more knowledge in which to use against Government and Corporate corruption, both of which have colluded with each other to suppress the People’s welfare for far too long.

One way to do this is to first identify, and then listen to, any person that has put their life at risk in order to move an important discovery (or discoveries) forward at the expense of “Corporations”.

There are two people that rather immediately come to my mind in this regard.

Gary Vesperman is one person that this author is aware of that has placed his life at risk in order to move important discoveries forward for the sake of humanity (at the expense of Corporations, of course).

Gary Vesperman is an investigative reporter that compiled a list of Energy Invention Suppression Cases, and put it on the Internet a number of years ago. (He also continued to upgrade this list over time.)

Gary’s list substantiates pervasive innovation suppression by our own Government and numerous corporate powers of a wide range of Energy Inventions, many of which could enormously help America, and all humanity as well.

Americans could be providing electricity to their houses, their farms, and their cities without the need to burn oil, coal, natural gas, or use any uranium fuel.

Electricity with no carbon footprint, and no fossil fuel or uranium cost. Free electricity! for all ostensible purposes. What could help America in its current economic plight more than this?

Solar power and wind power are NO COMPARISON to what many geniuses have invented over the years in America in regard to the generation of electricity. (It is simply too costly from a capitol standpoint in which to generate enough electricity via these two means.)

Virtually every “genius” electric energy invention that could provide America with “free electricity” was systematically suppressed, often by our own Government, and often at the point of a gun.

Americans could also be powering their cars with either water! or free electricity as a fuel. (The technology for both a water powered car and free electricity has been invented and does exist. The U.S. Patent Office has more than ample proof of this.)

Automotive fuel with no carbon footprint, and no fossil fuel or biofuel cost. Free fuel for all ostensible purposes; no more costly than water! What could help America in its current economic plight more than this?

In lieu of a water powered car, Americans could easily be getting close to 200 Miles Per Gallon if they chose to move their existing cars down the road using obsolete gasoline methodology (once these cars were converted to run more efficiently, of course).

Virtually every “genius” automotive energy invention that could power cars, trucks, and trains with no, or a greatly reduced, carbon footprint was systematically suppressed, often by our own Government, and often at the point of a gun.

Both our own Federal Government and various Corporations have pervasively and systematically squashed all kinds of free electricity innovation AND free fuel innovation AND high mileage innovation, and they have done so in America for close to a century.

Gary Vesperman clarified all of the above for us. He put his life on the line for the sake of America and for the sake of Humanity to compile a list of ninety five (95) Energy Invention Suppression Cases. He further jeopardized his life to disseminate this list freely on the Internet.

The OWS movement should listen to Gary Vesperman, and hear what he has to say.

Many persons that Gary Vesperman wrote about in his compilation also put their lives on the line for the sake of America and for the sake of Humanity, and many of them even died for the very same.

The OWS movement should listen to all of these energy inventors (those that are still alive), and hear what they have to say.

If the OWS movement wants to “do this People’s Revolution justice”, every person in this movement should either read the entirety of Gary Vesperman’s 132 page list (as of 9/2007) of Energy Invention Suppression Cases, or read a well written synopsis of it. The former can be found at I do not know if the latter (a well written synopsis) exists at this time.

The second person that the OWS movement should become aware of is the author of this material. My name is Allen Darman. I have been fighting the hoax of pharmaceutical medicine for well over a decade via the use of the Internet.

As early as the fall of 1997, I discovered that bipolar disorder could be cured naturally, and without the use of any psychotropic medication whatsoever.

As early as April 2000, I discovered that the entire class of anti-depressant medications was a complete hoax. It was a hoax that was being perpetuated on the entire human race, simply for the sake of the money being made.

For co-discovering (with my son Willy Darman) in August 2004 a key part of the proper chemical manner in which to cure numerous mental, degenerative, and addictive illnesses I have had repeated trouble with hackers since June 2006. Since sometime in 2009, I had had multiple and unusual problems with many of the cell phones that I have used. And since January 2010 there have been multiple attempts to take my life. (It’s a miracle that I am still alive.)

There is a manner to cure depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder, PTSD, schizophrenia and a whole host of other mental illnesses, degenerative illnesses, and addictive illnesses without the use of any pharmaceutical drug whatsoever. What could help America in its current plight more than this?

In the course of being self educated on alternative medical topics over the past fourteen years I have learned from other alternative medical authors and persons, or learned by my own self-discovery, that (a) cholesterol medications are a hoax, (b) acid reflux medications are a hoax, (c) cancer medications are a hoax, (d) type II diabetes medications are a hoax, (e) Alzheimer’s medications are a hoax, (f) dementia medications are a hoax, (g) blood pressure medications are a hoax, (h) heart medications are a hoax, (i) diuretics are a hoax, (j) asthma medications are a hoax, (k) osteoporosis medications are a hoax, (l) arthritis medications are a hoax, (m) allergy medications are a hoax, (n) P.A.D. medications are a hoax, (o) antidepressants are a hoax, (p) mood stabilizers are a hoax, (q) anti-psychotic medications are a hoax, (r) sleep medications are a hoax, (s) aids medications are a hoax, (t) vaccines are a hoax, and (u) antibiotics are a hoax.

I admit I may have missed some more illnesses and/or medication classes that belong on the above list. I am sure the reader gets the point here regardless. The point is that perhaps 99% of ALL pharmaceutical medicine is a lie, if not all of it… period.

Incidentally, the latter two in the list above (vaccines and especially antibiotics) are used by Big Pharma to intentionally and sneakily create numerous different illnesses in hundreds of millions of people. This is being done for the purpose of maximizing sales and profits.

In almost every instance mentioned in the above, there is a better, natural, and often less expensive alternative than the use of pharmaceutical medication. This is a natural non-drug alternative measure that actually heals or cures; it is not simply the symptom masking measure of a toxic, man-made, and expensive drug.

Pharmaceutical medicine is a hoax of historical proportions that is being perpetuated on both America and the entire human race. This hoax was exposed over the past decade via the Power of the Internet, which allowed us “common folk” to develop and share knowledge with each other without having any commercial agenda.

Yet when Obama and our politicians sought to overhaul Health Care in the United States a few years ago, not one word was mentioned by our politicians or the media of the Truth and Validity of either Alternative Medicine or Self-Applied Alternative Medicine. Instead of giving the consumer of health care in America any Freedom of Choice with Obamacare, our Government mandated that all Americans buy medical insurance to cover (pay for) the hoax of pharmaceutical medicine.

Pharmaceutical medicine has stripped America of much of its Health and Wealth over the past fifty years. It represents “a terrorism thousands of times more harmful to America than Osama Bin Laden ever was”.

We should be ashamed as a nation for being sucked into the hoax of pharmaceutical medicine. And we should be ashamed as a nation for promoting pharmaceutical medicine throughout much of the rest of the world.

What could be more helpful to America than throwing off the stranglehold that Big Pharma has on our politicians, our pocketbooks, all major media, and health care research, policy, and practice in the United States?

The OWS movement should perhaps listen to me, and listen to the best that alternative medicine has to offer, and do so before it is too late.


Our Federal Government is rife with Corporate corruption; to include the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial branch.

Our system of Democracy is completely broken. It needs to be totally replaced.

Only with a People’s Movement such as the Occupy Wall Street movement does America stand a chance.

It is time for Revolutionary Thought in both the Energy Invention arena and in the Health Care arena to be incorporated into what the OWS movement is saying.

Allen Darman

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