Bob Beck’s Identification of Big Pharma’s Ties to the Mafia and Me (8/30/2011)

Dear Friends:

There is a thirteen part series on YouTube of a lecture that Bob Beck gave in 1996 at Ventura College in California.

In case you have not heard of Robert (Bob) Beck, the following may clarify things…

Bob Beck was a genius that found a workable broad spectrum cure in regard to resolving bad biological issues in the body. His cure worked for HIV. It worked for a wide range of other viruses that are commonly considered incurable. It worked for other bad biological issues in the body such as bad bacteria and parasites. It also worked for lupus and cancer. (Yes, Bob Beck did find a workable cure for HIV and many kinds of cancer!)

This thirteen part YouTube video series is one that EVERYONE in America should see. It is easily found by searching for Bob Beck in YouTube, and looking for a man in a checkered sweater in a 13 part video series.

[Note: In the first part of this video series one must wait about 30 seconds for the material to be visible and heard.]

In part two of this thirteen part video series found at Bob Beck first mentions the word Mafia when the video timer is at 5 minutes and 23 seconds. He then goes into more detail regarding the Mafia’s ties to Big Pharma beginning at 8 minutes and 13 seconds on the video timer.

Bob Beck passed away in 2002 at the age of 77, most probably from natural causes.

The commonality between Robert Beck and I

I, in conjunction with my son Willy, and the numerous authors which taught me, found a workable broad spectrum cure in regard to resolving essential nutrient deficiency, depression, ADHD, PTSD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and other mental illnesses.

Both of the attempts on my life in April 2011 involved a number of persons of Italian descent that I saw with my own eyes. And both the attempt on my life in January 2010, and the multiple attempts on my life in late May through early June 2010 also suggested an Italian origin as well. (I will let the reader draw his or her own conclusions here.)

Both Bob Beck and I discovered (and/or co-discovered) a “broad spectrum cure” that cured a wide range of illnesses.

Both Bob Beck and I named the Mafia as the enforcement arm of Big Pharma.

And both Bob Beck and I are geniuses (or near geniuses) that sought nothing for ourselves. We were only trying to help the human race.


I doubt I am going to be so lucky as Robert Beck in regard to dying of natural causes in my seventies, or even in my sixties. (I am already supposed to be dead at least a dozen times over since January 2010. My days are numbered for sure.)

What kind of world is this where personal and corporate greed, corruption, and the Mafia control medical practice in the United States, and worldwide as well?

And what kind of world is this where true medical discoverers such as myself seem to have an almost impossible time finding adequate support, and have no safe place in which to go?

In the scheme of things my life may be of little consequence. However, the discoveries that I have either made or co-made mean a great deal. I pray that in the event of my death these discoveries are not lost.

God forbid that Big Pharma and the Mafia succeed in their agenda to poly-drug everyone that they can from birth to death. For if they do succeed, humanity as we know it is doomed.

Allen Darman

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***Important Note: One of the purposes of writing this blog titled “Bob Beck’s Identification of Big Pharma’s Ties to the Mafia and Me” (8/30/2011) was to buy “a window of safety” until my birthday September 17th, 2011, such that I could complete the blog titled “Therapeutic Use of Free Form Amino Acids Is Being Suppressed (9/17/2011)”. This upcoming blog is located at

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