Water Powered Car Invention Suppressed, Many Other Energy Inventions Suppressed, Truth In Health Care Suppressed, and These Issues Tied To Barack Obama and Impending Fiscal Collapse (8-7-2011)

***Note: This blog was born from the second blog when scrolling back, one that is titled the exact same as this one at this time. These blogs are under varying degrees of construction. This material needs a good deal of work/time in which to be completed. (This note will be removed when this blog material is done.) This blog is going to be a very significant one one when it is completed… at least this is my goal. The material that follows attempts to tie some important ideas together. It does so in an attempt to wake up America on some key issues that are quite germane at the moment, especially in light of the fact that America is going broke and may be on the verge of fiscal collapse. Writing copy such as this blog contains does jeopardize my life. Moral obligation forces me to ignore my fears, and do the right thing… which is to continue to think, continue to write, and continue to post my material on the Internet as it is created, regardless of the personal consequences to myself. Allen****

Dear Friends:

“Work in progress copy” of this blog is on the exact same titled blog that is the second blog when scrolling back. The link is below:


I will move this work in progress copy into this blog when it is completed a few weeks or so from today.


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