An Email I Sent A Bipolar Researcher in February 2004 (3-27-2011)

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Dear Friends:

The following email was sent on February 29, 2004 by me to the head honcho (at the time) of the Stanley research organization, a man named Dr. Michael Knable.

For those not familiar with the Stanley research organization this organization’s formal title is the Stanley Medical Research Institute.

I used cut and paste to take the following description of from their website at

“The Stanley Medical Research Institute (SMRI) is a nonprofit organization supporting research on the causes of, and treatments for, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Since it began in 1989, SMRI has supported more than $300 million in research in over 30 countries around the world. It is the largest nongovernmental source of funds for research on these diseases in the United States.”

The email below, and all follow-up contact by me in the following months to the same person and/or organization, were unsuccessful. No medical researcher that I contacted over the years (there were many) was interested in what I had to say, despite the fact that “what I had to say” was quite germane to a real cure having been found.

A copy of my blog titled “Concepts and Ideas to Treat Depression Naturally (2003)” was attached to the email below. (This blog can be found at This material represented world leading understanding when it was written, and it is still quite valid today.)

Incidentally, what follows is not the only time I tried to make contact with medical research. I had tried to tell numerous doctors and various medical researchers FOR YEARS BEFORE my email to Dr. Knable (below) that I was in an incredible place… “I had essentially figured out the proper manner to cure both depression and manic depression”.


The following email is proof that for over seven years I have been making some rather extraordinary claims in regard to knowing how to cure depression (and bipolar disorder).

These claims have all been true. They were then, and they are now. Only now I know how to cure ADHD, schizo-affective disorder, schizophrenia, and many other illnesses too.

Incidentally, my son Willy’s miraculous Baggie came out of the wisdom in “Concepts and Ideas to Treat Depression Naturally (2003)”. Willy’s Baggie was only icing on the cake. It simply made it easy to implement much of the wisdom in “Concepts and Ideas to Treat Depression Naturally (2003)” for other persons that wished to follow suit.

[Soon I will tell my 80 gram broad based free form amino acid baggie story, and an older 120 gram broad based free form amino acid baggie story as well. These stories, along with hundreds of others, anecdotally PROVE (without a doubt in my mind) that a state of biochemical depression is “a broad based amino acid functionally deficient state” MORE THAN IT IS ANYTHING ELSE. (Quite obviously depression is a state of deficiency involving many other essential vitamins, minerals, EFA’s, and non-essential nutrients too. Biochemical depression is a chemical state with malabsorption and “too toxic gut contents” as givens attached.)]

I sure hope that the world hears me before it is too late.

Allen Darman

Title: A grant proposal from Allen Darman to Dr. Knable personally

Sent to:
Copied to:;
Sent on: Sun, February 29, 2004 11:06:24 AM
Attached: Concepts and Ideas to Treat Depression Naturally.doc (47KB)

Dear Dr. Knable:

I am the person that contacted both your organization
and yourself personally in May and June of 2003,
offering to assist you in regard to the understanding
and treatment of manic depression. You suggested at
this time that I consider applying for a grant from
your organization.

Please consider this my formal grant application,
despite the fact that it is rather cursory in nature,
and it is not being made through normal channels. I
ask for your patience and understanding in these

Please realize that (1) I am only a layman without any
medical or substantial educational credentials
whatsoever, and (2) due to unfortunate personal
circumstances I am under considerable time constraint
to make the March 1st deadline for such grants from
your institution for 2004.

The entire budget for what I am requesting of the
Stanley Medical Research Institute is quite simple and
reasonable ($2150) as follows.

Grant Proposal:

I would like to propose to the Stanley Medical
Research Institute that I be granted the funds for the

1. Funds to travel by my own automobile from Utica, NY
to Gaithersburg, MD

2. Funds to stay for a period of two weeks in an
Extended Stay America motel in Gaithersburg, MD

3. Adequate means to afford the supplementation and
dietary measures that would be necessary for me to be
able to intentionally induce and then fully correct
two states of severe bipolar depression via solely
natural means.

4. Funds for return travel from Gaithersburg, MD to
Utica, NY

5. A compensation to me personally of $500 for the two
week period reflected in point (2) above.

Costs of Grant Proposal:

Estimated costs for the above are $75 for item (1),
$750 for item (2), $750 for item (3), $75 for item
(4), and $500 for item (5).

The total estimated cost to do the above is $2150. I
am prepared to strictly adhere to this estimate. I am
also prepared to cover any additional expenses that
may be incurred to do the above out of my own pocket.

Time to Effect Above Proposal:

Both parties should agree in advance of the two week
period for me to come to Maryland and work with the
Stanley Medical Research Institute. There appears to
be no necessity to propose a firm timeframe in this
regard at this time. Assuming this grant proposal is
accepted, I do request a month’s notice in advance to
come to Maryland and do what I am proposing here, if
such is at all possible.

Reasons For The Above Grant Proposal:

I have gained profound control over depression in
myself. This control is discussed at some length in
the attached document titled “Concepts And Ideas To
Treat Depression Naturally”. I intend to adhere to
the concepts and ideas discussed in this document.

It is my belief that what I am doing to induce and
then treat depression in myself is very significant to
the general understanding and future treatment of
manic depression.

In proposing the above to the Stanley Medical Research
Institute, it is my intention to perform two trials of
intentionally inducing and then correcting severe
depression in myself. Each trial will take
approximately one week. I would like to perform these
trials in very close proximity to persons associated
with the Stanley Medical Research Institute. In this
manner a person or persons associated with your
institute could monitor these trials by meeting with
me periodically to assess both my current mood state
and what I am doing to change such.

For over four years I have been stating to many
parties that I believe that I have developed a very
solid understanding of both bipolar disorder and
bipolar depression. By using this understanding, I am
able to intentionally induce and then profoundly
correct severe depression at will in myself. To date,
my efforts to be heard in this regard have been
fruitless. Therefore, I am now offering to show
medical researchers involved in the study of bipolar
disorder the extraordinary degree of control I have
gained over depression in myself. My goal in doing so
is to give such researchers as much information and as
many clues as I can in regard to the true causes and
best corrections of a state of bipolar depression.

Honestly, it does appear possible to me that much of
what I am doing to treat depression in myself may
represent new and very significant discovery. Perhaps
medical researchers such your institute represents are
best able to determine this by witnessing what I am
doing to intentionally induce and then correct a state
of severe depression in myself.

It is my personal belief that anyone that is able to
personally witness what I am doing may never feel the
same about depression again. This is because the
degree of mood change that I can effect in myself in
an amazingly short time is both rather massive and
rather obvious to any person that may witness it.

Assuming that I am granted the above, during my tenure
in MD, I am also willing to fully reveal to anyone
associated with the Stanley Medical Research Institute
all that I know about the true causes and best
corrections of manic depression. This information
would include my possible discovery of “the nutrient
equivalent to lithium” and much, much else. This
knowledge was borne from both a great deal of effort
and great deal of experience. It is also knowledge
that I have spent perhaps $200,000 in aggregate in its
acquisition since my initial diagnosis of bipolar
disorder in June 1994.


Allen Darman

***End of email copy that was sent to Dr. Knable in February 2004***

A final note: I should perhaps mention that at least some portion of the drug industry most certainly read the email above on the day that it was written and sent. My Internet usage being monitored by drug industry funded hackers goes back to the fall of 1999, to the best of my suspicions. This monitoring began to occur as a result of the solid connection I had made between residual gut contents, gut biology, and depression beginning in August 1999 via the usage of high dosage bentonite and psyllium, followed hours later by juicing, a high dosage HSO probiotic, etc. (I am not going to digress in more detail, as this is too long a story to tell here.)

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Important Note: This material is not copyright protected in ANY way. Anyone and everyone may freely send this material to anyone they wish. In addition to this, anyone and everyone may put this material on their own website if they wish. Everyone has my signed complete and irrevocable permission in which to do so. Signed… Allen Darman and Dated… March 27, 2011.

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