From Four Hours Work A Day To Sixteen (3-25-2011)

Dear Friends:

I have a long life history of having (1) a strong work ethic and (2) the ability to accomplish some rather extraordinary things.

However, I can only work within my biochemical limits, and for the past few months my biochemical limits have been impaired.

Thinking and writing uses quite a bit of nutrient chemistry, just as physical work does.

[On average, the brain represents only about two and a half percent (2.5%) of the entire weight of a human being. Yet the brain uses (and needs) roughly 25% of the oxygen one breathes, and 20% the food one eats, on a day to day basis. This usage of oxygen and nutrition is about eight to ten times more than normal compared to much other tissue in the body. Given these facts, it should surprise no one that broad essential nutrient deficiency is a HUGE part of what mental illness is all about.]

When I have an adequate amount of nutrient chemistry in which to work, I am more than willing to work sixteen hours a day. This is especially true if the work I am doing has meaning to me.

For the past few months, I have only been able to work for about half a day… four hours or so… and then I run out of steam. The wisest thing for me to do when I run out of steam is do something that has a “low chemical draw” such as lay in bed and read a book, or perhaps watch TV. I also nap and sleep a lot when my biochemical gas is in low supply.

For me to push myself and try to work beyond my biochemical limits is not wise. I learned this well over a decade ago.

The baggie of supplements that my son Willy invented is Awesome! as far as increasing the biochemical gas that is needed to work, both mentally and physically.

Unfortunately for the past few months I have been totally out of Willy’s Baggies. And I do not have the fiscal means to buy the supplement material for any more. (I am actually about $800 in the hole in this regard… an amount I owe on supplements that were “purchased and used up” a long time ago.)

If I had a supply of Willy’s Baggies with about a 25 gram broad based free form amino acid loading, ON DAY ONE OR TWO of taking one of them I would have enough biochemical stamina to work at least twelve hours a day, if not sixteen. (This increased ability to write, think, and work would remain in effect until soon after “I ran out of baggies again”.)

Incidentally, Willy’s Baggie is not only the best chemical intervention EVER defined for anyone’s ability to perform mental or physical work, it also happens to be the best chemical intervention EVER defined for a myriad of psychiatric “labels”, such as ADHD, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, schizo-affective disorder, and schizophrenia.

In stating the above, I do not mean to diminish the importance of ALWAYS DEALING WITH EVERY COMMON MALABSORPTIVE CAUSE under the sun, especially the five most common malabsorptive causes of intestinal dysbiosis, multiple hidden food allergies, a lack of digestive enzymes, a lack of movement such as walking, and under or improper hydraton.


Some day the world will widely realize how important nutrients are as far as mental and physical performance goes. (This statement assumes that Big Pharma is not successful in bribing our lawmakers in the U.S. to take nutritional supplements away from the general public, as has recently happened in the entire European Union.)

And perhaps some day the world will realize that my fear of being killed by the drug industry was a justifiable one… for Willy’s Baggie idea (if it is ever realized for what it truly is) would crush the drug industry in “the court of public opinion”. (They know this as well as I do.)

Allen Darman

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3 thoughts on “From Four Hours Work A Day To Sixteen (3-25-2011)

  1. i know you know alot about stuff I have candida, fungus, and I have figured out mold. I have been over 3 months in the bed with vertigo and it finally warmed up enough to open the windows by my bed. and I have got so much better in 1 wk. I thought it was mildew in my showern and bed room but it must be mold. any suggestions on what to do. also I know my adrenals are shot and I am anemic.

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