A Critical Blog That Joins My Primary And Secondary Websites (3-1-2011)

Dear Friends:

The material below uses blogs from two different websites to (1) hastily organize what I know about curing mental illness and addiction, and (2) to inform the world of my current plight in regard to my thirteen year long war with pharmaceutical medicine (Big Pharma).

My goal in doing the above is to give both my new and old readers “the best sense of where I am right now”, without taking too much writing time in which to do so. (My writing palette is more-than-full at the moment.)

My Primary Blogging Site

My primary blogging site since July 2009 has been https://nutrientscure.wordpress.com.

The above-mentioned Nutrientscure Worpress site was initially created by moving over 100 blogs from my previous primary blogging site (a Yahoo blogging platform called “Yahoo 360”). This “move” was a forced one. Yahoo 360 was closed on July 13, 2009.

After moving from Yahoo 360 to WordPress, I simply kept adding blogs as time went on.

At this time, I also decided to never entirely depend on one blog platform, like I had done in the past.

This WordPress site is an organizational mess. It is very hard for people to hard to find the things they are looking for because it is so large, and the blogs are out of order in an organizational sense. This is one reason that I have a secondary blogging site.

My Secondary Blogging Site

One of the websites being used in the material below is my secondary blogging site at http://nutrientscure.blogspot.com/. (This site is titled “Nutrients cure ADHD and bipolar disorder”.)

This secondary site has a decent “organized list” of what I know about the correction of mental illness naturally. Admittedly, this list is a bit out of date, and not inclusive of some of my new stuff. However, this list is “the best I have at this time”.

What follows are three key blogs posted on http://nutrientscure.blogspot.com/ in 2010.

1. The gist of nutrientscure.wordpress.com


2. An Overview of Willys Baggie I, II, and III (March 2010)


3. An Open Letter To All Of Alternative Medicine (March 2010)


What follows are three key blogs written on my primary website of https://nutrientscure.wordpress.com last fall (of 2010).

These three blogs were written during a heavy blogging cycle in which I finally had adequate personal security in which to tell the whole truth, and nothing but. (This heavy blogging cycle was between October 12, 2010 and November 6th, 2010.) At this time I made the decision that “the timing was right” for me “to come out of hiding” in my war vs. Big Pharma, and begin to fight with all I had.

I had intentionally withheld some truths for years (and in one case for over a decade) rather than post this information to the Internet as it became known. This withholding of the truth (“hiding”) was done in an attempt to stay alive while continuing to learn how to cure mental illness via natural means.

The first blog listed below was written to give the reader an overview of my situation, and to try to “establish some needed credibility in a hurry”.

The second blog listed below regarding Darman Mfg. Company is “my resume of sorts”. It indicates that I have a life history of having the ability to accomplish extraordinary things, and that I have at least some degree of genius.

The third blog listed below that is titled “The Trinity Of Blogs That Destroys Big Pharma” (11-6-2010)” spells doom to drug-oriented medicine sooner or later.

(The above statement assumes that I am alive for the next three to four months, such that I have time to complete the destiny that God seems to have given me. It assumes continued receipt of my SSD check on a monthly basis. It also assumes that I receive at least 2.5K of angelic philanthropic funding… funding that I sorely needed “yesterday”… lol. Lastly, it assumes that I find at least one key person for “needed collaborative help”. Given these minimal means, I firmly believe I can plant “a solid seed of truth” that will “burn the drug industry to the ground”.)

1. Cambridge Who’s Who And A Synopsis Of My Situation (October 2010)


2. The Story of Darman Mfg. Company and Genius (2010)


3. The Trinity Of Blogs That Destroys Big Pharma (11-6-2010)


A “before and after picture” of Willy at ten and a half years of age, and seventeen and a half years of age can be found on a third website of mine.



This may be one of my last blogs on https://nutrientscure.wordpress.com/ for a while. (I have much on my plate to do right now besides blogging.)

In being the last blog on this site, it becomes “the first blog that persons see” when they come to https://nutrientscure.wordpress.com/. (This was an intended goal.)

Allen Darman

Email: allen_dar@yahoo.com

Snail mail: Allen Darman, 209 W. Jackson Street, Apt. 106, Phoenix, AZ 85003

Note: This material is NOT copyrighted in any way. It can be freely used by anyone that wishes, and in any manner he or she so desires. This general rule applies to all of the blogs that I write. Allen Darman

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