A Listing Of Key Blogs On WordPress As Of October 2010

***Note: This list of key blogs on my WordPress site is incomplete. There are a number of blogs that I have written in 2010 that belong on this list. Allen***

Dear friends:

I am aware that the blogs on my Nutrientscure WordPress site are not organized, or easily found.

This blog will help the reader find the gist of my Nutrientscure WordPress website, without having a great deal of difficulty when doing so.

The blogs listed below concern how to correct depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and/or difficulty with sleep via natural means. However, many of the concepts in these blogs apply to virtually every mental illness, and most degenerative illnesses and addictive illnesses as well.

Some of the blogs that are listed below contain a world leading degree of understanding. This understanding is in part due to the insight I have gained regarding how to use free form amino acids properly in a therapeutic sense. It is also in part to due the insight I have gained regarding malabsorption and gut (GI tract) dysfunction. (“Mental illness” is often simply “dietary problems and gut illness in disguise”.)

I have no commercial agenda in ANY of the blogs listed below. I am NOT selling anything. I am only trying to share what I have learned about the correction of mental illness naturally. This sharing comes from a heartfelt sense of moral obligation to try to help other persons that still suffer from a similar illness to that which I once had.

Allen Darman

The Connection Between Gut Biology And Mental Illness (2010)


A Tribute to Bob Beck; A World Class Healer


A Testimonial to Dr. Sherry Rogers


Adelle Davis; a true pioneer (September 2007)


Another blog on Adelle Davis, my being hacked problem, etc. (November 2007)


Concepts and Ideas to Treat Depression Naturally (2003)


Willy’s Baggie II Shortcuts The Resolution of Depression (Note: Willy’s Baggie III is superior to, and replaces, both Willy’s Baggie II and Willy’s Original Baggie)


The possible implications of broad based nutrition taken all at once (February 2007)

Important Note: Willy’s Baggie idea, which represents a therapeutic and adequately balanced dose of broad based nutrition taken all at once, IS A DISCOVERY OF HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE. It has the potential to help the entire human race (or all those that can afford such at least). It also has the power to bring drug oriented medicine to its knees… as it profoundly helps “so many with so much”.


Introducing the Concept of an “Educational Healing House” (2006)


This blog regarding a healing house defines where I want to go with what I have learned in the blogs listed below. It defines “a new model of healing for the world”. A “healing house” is a conceptual model of healing that disenfranchises both conventional and alternative medicine as practiced by “doctors”… as it teaches “the patient” to become “an effective doctor of his or her self”.

My son Willy profoundly proved to the world that even a thirteen year old child can become “an effective doctor of himself”.

Willy also proved to the world that someone can become “an effective doctor of his or her self” without even reading a single alternative medical book. This is due to the fact that the body of knowledge needed to become “an effective doctor of oneself” can be verbally taught… despite using only simple words (words that almost any teenager can understand).

Many of the blogs on https://nutrientscure.wordpress.com/ contain “seeds of knowledge” that I had gained prior to Willy’s amazing recovery. This knowledge gave me the ability to teach my son how to heal himself… when the time came that he was ready to do so.

My First Website on the Internet (2001)


An old speech draft on bipolar; still a worthy read (2002)


An Introduction To Alternative Medicine For Psychiatric Conditions (2005)


My Bipolar Recovery Story as of June 2004


Lessons I Taught Willy #1; Self-Empowerment (March 2007)


Lessons I Taught Willy #3; How To Cure Yourself of ADHD or Bipolar Disorder; “The Big Picture”


My son Willy’s original ADHD/bipolar! recovery story


Willy’s Three Year ADHD/Bipolar Recovery Story


An Update Regarding Willy’s Amazing Recovery (June 2009)


An Overview of Willy’s Baggie I, II, and III (March 2010)


Willy’s Baggies vs. All One Nutrient Formula Or Protein Powders


What A Harvard Educated Psychiatrist-To-Be Said About Willy’s Baggies (2009)


One of Willy’s “baggies” of supplements… Wow! (September 2006)


An Anecdotal Case; Depression Resolved in One Day, Rv.2 (2007)


Depression and Bipolar Disorder – Cured At Last! (August 2007)


Willy’s Original Baggie Ingredient List (December 2006)


A more detailed explanation of Willy’s Original Baggie (February 2007)


Willy’s Baggie III; a further improvement


An Adequate Dosage of Broad Based Amino Acids


Is it possible that key knowledge known by Robert Erdmann over 20 years ago got lost?


A Real Cure For Schizophrenia Has been Found!


Hearing Voices” remission within hours from supplement use


Doctors Helped Cause Willy’s Sickness


Autism and Probiotics Proven to Be Linked!! (September 2006)


Probiotics and Their Effect on All Mental Illness (September 2006)


The End of Antibiotics (2008)


Bentonite, Depression, and How The Gut May Work (2004/2005)


[Note: I see the above blog title is a mess in the link address. I will try to straighten this out some day.]

Bentonite, vitamin C, and yeast die off (August 2006)


An egroup post I wrote in 2005 on Sleep


Truehope, Equilib, Willy, and Big Pharma


An Open Letter To All Of Alternative Medicine (March 2010)


The Irony Of My Situation


12 thoughts on “A Listing Of Key Blogs On WordPress As Of October 2010

    • If you ever want any phone advice, I am willing to give you a little free time. I am saying 45 mins. to an hour per person at this point.

      I do not have ANY keyboard time for ANY email support… and the phone is so much quicker.

      All I ask is that we agree in advance on a call time via email.

      Allen Darman


      Both of these are monitored by the drug industry. My attitude at this point is Who Cares? I am going to speak the truth.

      I may die for what I am doing here… and perhaps fairly soon.

      The drug industry is not too happy with me.

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