My Healing House Opens October 1st (2010)

Dear Friends:

Recently I stated that I was going to try the concept of a non-commercial “healing house” in the months to come. I also said that I was not quite ready to do this yet… but that I may be ready in another month or two.

Well, things have changed.

After a lot of sixteen hour workdays in the past few weeks, the setup of my “healing house” is nearly complete. My apartment is finally ready for “overnight company” to stay with me for a few days, a week, two weeks, or perhaps even three weeks… depending on “how fast he or she can learn enough to graduate”… and then go back home to make room for the next person. (Generally, a week or two is “long enough” for most persons to learn “the fundamentals of what they have to”. Few will need longer than this.)

A “healing house” is a place where a person can come in order to efficiently learn how to become “a competent doctor of his or her self”.

My “healing house” is also a place “where no money changes hands”. My time, my expertise, and a comfortable roof over your head are, and WILL ALWAYS BE, “completely free”. (I have no commercial agenda whatsoever when helping people like this.)

In my “healing house”, one only needs to provide money for whatever foods, supplements, and other natural measures that he or she may choose to take in order to heal his or her self, or purchase whatever books he or she may choose in which to “educate oneself”. And some (those that do not live close to me) may need to provide “round-trip travel money” to visit me. (In essence, a person that comes to my “healing house” only has to bear the “direct costs” to heal his or her self… everything else is “free”.)

Photographs of my healing house, and a more detailed explanation of what I intend to do here, will be posted as a blog sometime next week.

I did write a blog titled “Introducing the Concept of an “Educational Healing House”” in 2006. If you have not read this blog yet, or have read it long ago and don’t quite remember what it says, this material is worth (re)reading. (A link to this blog is provided below.)

Allen Darman

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