Two recent blogs are soon to be upgraded

Dear Friends:

I have made the decision that two of the blogs that I wrote recently are important enough to deserve a little extra effort… if not a lot of extra effort… to make them “the best they can be”.

These two blogs are:

Suppression of Great Truth is The Norm it seems

Governmental vs. Alternative Medicine; It Is Time For Change (2010)

[I have already upgraded both of the above blogs substantially to that which was posted in a number of Yahoo groups recently. And I am going to continue on this “editing and upgrading” work over the coming weeks.]

If anyone has read either of the above two blogs and has any suggestions for improvement, I would sure appreciate these suggestions being sent to me. I seek all of the constructive input from others that I can get… and all substantial suggestions taken will be fairly credited to you if you wish. is my email address.

I think that these two blogs, when used with a few others, may have the potential to begin to effect some real and sorely needed change.

It is my intent that the two blogs listed above will be “adequately completed by my birthday”… along with at least one other blog as well. These three (or perhaps four) “to-be-completed-by-my-birthday blogs” are at the top of my “to-do-list”… that is for sure.

Allen Darman

Note from Allen Darman: Any portion of this blog (located at, or this blog in its entirety, can be used, copied, reprinted, or reposted anywhere on the Internet, by any person or party that desires. This material may be used in any manner the reader wishes. It is not copyrighted in any way.

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