An Open Letter To The Icarus Project And Sasha Cohen

Dear Icarus Project and Sasha Cohen:

I am interesting in attending your NYC support group meetings as best as I can, given the many constraints in my life.

I might be able to make it up to the next meeting, and I am very desirous in doing so.  I would deeply appreciate it if you could send me the schedule of meetings for January and February for any NYC Icarus Project meeting or event.

For Sasha Cohen personally:

Much has happened since we last met some years ago at an event in NYC that David Oaks spoke at, and we had both attended.

Perhaps you remember me… I am the man that gave you the very last copy that I had of a videotape of a presentation that I had made in San Rafael, CA in January 1998 in regard to overcoming manic depression naturally.  I told you how important this tape was to me.  I sure hope that you held on to it, as it would be greatly useful to me in regard to my efforts to help other persons at the moment.  If you have it, or not, please let me know one way or the other.

What follows are some events that have occurred since we last met:

1. Willy’s recovery grew more profound over time… amazingly so.  His is, or sure seems to be, the leading recovery story from an ADHD diagnosis, classic bipolar symptoms, and weak and sickly health in the world.

2. It has been found by a number of other persons that the baggie of supplements that Willy used, as it improved over time, is a huge part of the BEST chemical answer ever defined for (1) depression, ADHD, and bipolar disorder.

[The above mentioned are fraudulent “labels” for sure. All psychiatric labels are fraudulent.  Virtually all of these “illnesses” (another fraudulent “label”) are curable if the broad functional nutrient deficiencies inherent in them are not ignored.  It is nuts to be treating nutrient deficiency states with toxic drugs, simply of the sake of the money being made in doing so.]

3. A person with “hearing voices” and “seeing things” symptoms for over three decades achieved “hearing voices remission” in a week in November 2008.  He achieved the same in a single day in January 2009, as a result of boosting “Willy’s Baggie” amino acid content, and adding some more ingredients.  This man reports that he is symptom free whenever he is on baggies (and he took over 50 of them that I know about).

4.On another topic, I have last six different personal computers to hackers paid for by Big Pharma in some way since I first widely posted Willy’s original recovery story to the Internet in June 2006. I have also been repeated disrupted by these same hackers while using numerous of relatives, and numerous computers in a public and a college library near me.  This hacking has grown far more serious in the last year, after I reported a cure for schizophrenia has been found. And as of last summer, I have had multiple and very unusual problems when using my cell phone.

The bottom line of my situation is that my son seems to have stumbled on to the healing idea of the century… when he forced me in 2004 to combine everything at once (the entire nutrient range).  This simple discovery threatens the collapse of entire classes of medications, to include antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and anti-psychotics.

Unfortunately, this situation of my having found that so many psychiatric medications are easily proven to be a hoax, as they are so readily replaceable with nutrients, has resulted in my life being at great risk.  The discoveries that my son and I have made over the years threaten the loss of hundreds of billions of dollars of drug sales. (I am in the “trust in God” mode in this regard.  Incidentally, Big Pharma is reading everything that I write on the net while I write it, to include this.  I sure hope that I make it for another year… not so much for my sake, but for the sake of the human race.)


I am desirous of coming to see you in NYC soon.  One of my goals in meeting you is that I want to volunteer on a “face to face” basis in regard to my giving an hour (or so) long presentation about how to overcome depression, BP, and “hearing voices” symptoms naturally.  I would like to do this at an upcoming Icarus support group meeting as soon as possible after this presentation is prepared.

I would also like to send you a package of blogs that I wrote over the years.  To what address should I send this package?

Feel free to call me if you desire to for any reason.  I’d love to chat with you for a bit.  315-868-3417

All the very best,

Allen Darman  (this backup site has a “before and after picture” of my son Willy

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