My being hacked and disrupted while using the Internet problems continue (July 2009)

Dear friends:

I have lost six different personal computers that I owned to hackers since June 2006. I have also had three computers of family members hacked while I was using them as well.

In addition to the above, since June 2006 I have had at least a half a dozen public computers in a public library located near me hacked into and disrupted while I was using them as well. This is nuts.

As I have essentially lost the use of public library computers in the library reflected in the paragraph above, I went to bringing my laptop computer into this library in an attempt to use its wireless services.

A few weeks ago, my laptop was hacked into while using the wireless services of this library to the point of being unable to use it at all, at least temporarily. Whatever web page that I went to, the sliding bar on the right hand of the screen went down to the bottom of the page. When I used my mouse and “left click” to slide it up, this bar immediately went back down again. I simply could not use my computer that day. I shut it off and left the library.

I also often use a second library near me. This library has seemed somewhat more secure in years past than the one mentioned above.

Only a matter of days ago my laptop was hacked into to the point of being able to use it at all, at least temporarily, in this second and more secure library, via the same methodology described above. I kept being directed to the very bottom of the page that I was on, despite my not wanting to go there. I began playing “tug of war” with my mouse in an attempt to go up to the top of the page, but as soon as I let the left click button of my mouse go, the sliding bar went to the very bottom of the web page that I was on again. Up and down, up and down, to no avail.

Needless to say, I no longer bring my laptop to the library any more. It is pointless, as this machine, like three other laptops before it, is deeply infected in a manner that I do not have the means or knowledge in which to be able to correct it. (I do run firewall, anti-virus, and multiple anti-spyware programs regularly. I often scan for problems many times a day. Nothing seems to help, other than to reinstall the operating system… but even this measure is useless from the standpoint of defense, as any computer that I go online with is soon messed up again.)

I did get hacked yesterday while using a public computer in the library that I consider “the more secure one”. This occurred while I was posting material titled “My Yahoo 360 blog is gone; it is now on WordPress” to numerous egroups on Yahoo. Towards the end of the list of the egroups that I was posting to I got the unusual message “Access To This Group Is Denied”. I tried another egroup that I had yet to post to. Same thing… “Access To This Group Is Denied”. Then I tried to go into a Yahoo egroup that I had already posted the material to, and I got the same message again… “Access To This Group Is Denied”, despite the fact I had been in this egroup a few minutes before and had successfully posted my material there.

This “Access To This Group Is Denied” message has never happened to me before. I have been posting to Yahoo egroups for over ten years now. Some egroups do not let me post to them, but I am not denied in this manner.

This “Access To This Group Is Denied” message showed up strangely as well. What showed on the screen was a completely blank Firefox browser window and these “access denied” words in the top left hand corner of the blank part this window (just under the browser forward and back buttons and the words “file”, “edit”, and “view”).

As many times as I have been hacked and/or disrupted while using the Internet since June 2006, I am getting used to it. I simply shut down the computer I was on, went outside and smoked a cigarette, and went back in the library and logged on to another computer of the few dozen machines that I had access to. I was able to successfully finish cross posting the material I was spreading around to the last few groups on my list without any further incident.

Anyone that contacts me over the Internet should be aware of the following:

For some time now I have been stating that persons not send anything to me of a sensitive nature that they would not like to be seen by a party allied with and/or paid for by Big Pharma. I say this due to the fact that Big Pharma, or a party allied with such, has been attempting to monitor ALL of my Internet activity for at least three years, if not over nine. They may have succeeded in this regard. Whatever anyone emails me could be seen by the party (or parties) that has (have) been monitoring my Internet activity for years. Please take this fact into account if you do email me at for any reason.


I cannot even begin to tell the story of how much difficulty that I have had using the Internet, or attempting to use the Internet, since I first widely posted my son Willy’s ADHD/bipolar recovery story to the net in June 2006. What is described in this blog hacking-wise is far less than one percent of the problems that I have had using the Internet in the past thirty-eight months. At this point, I expect that my extraordinary difficulties using the Internet will continue for the rest of my life.

Just as the use of a wide range of nutrients, and the reduction of one’s toxic and allergic load, is being found to cure depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and a whole host of other “mental illnesses” (a true misnomer)… Big Pharma is using every dirty trick in the book to stop these truths from being realized, or being used, by the masses.

The people behind my “continually being hacked problem” want to continue to profit from the sickness of millions. Cure is not a word that they want to hear.

Nine years ago I discovered how to go from a crippling state of very severe depression to a mood state approaching that of “normal” within a matter of six to twelve hours. And I knew then that what I was doing to correct depression in myself applied to millions of other persons that suffered from the same thing.

At this point in time, I knew that “I had learned far too much”; knowledge that was a huge threat to Big Pharma. I knew then that there might be dire personal consequences for my gaining this knowledge this some day.

My knowledge of how to correct depression, bipolar disorder, and similar illnesses has greatly improved over time, in part thanks to my son Willy. (Willy’s Baggies greatly simplified the implementation of much of what I know.)

The bottom line of my current situation is… what I know about the correction of depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia via natural means threatens the collapse of drug-oriented medicine as we know it today.

Hundreds of billions of dollars are at stake here.

I have gotten myself into a VERY serious situation… and only time will tell as to how it is going to resolve.

I am either going to be famous, or I am going to be dead… within a matter of a handful of years (and the next few are the most critical). I see no in-between here.

[I want the world to know that I never sought fame, nor do I seek it now. Nor did I seek fiscal gain from my efforts on the Internet. My primary goal in doing what I have done over the years on the Internet was simply to help end much human suffering, as my own natural recovery from over thirty years of bipolar symptoms in the late 1990’s had taught me that such was possible. I also wanted to help my teenage son Willy recover from what he had (he did, Thank God). And out of a sense of moral obligation, I wanted to help the human race.]

Thankfully, the people monitoring me, disrupting my Internet efforts, and/or trying to intimidate me by repeatedly hacking me are probably afraid, and justifiably so, of making a martyr out of me if they act against me. Just as I am between a rock and a hard place, they are in the same boat as well.


Allen Darman


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