My disallowed comment to a recent Mike Adams article

Dear friends:

Mike Adams free newsletter recently contained a link to an article he wrote titled “U.S. Senate Health Committee Passes Health Care Reform Bill that will Bankrupt America”.  This link is

This is an excellent article, as are many that Mike Adams writes for his site of

I am as aware as Mike Adams is, and as many others are, of the evil agenda of Big Pharma.  I am also as aware as these people are that Big Pharma has corrupted our federal government.

Recently, I attempted to write Mike Adams directly in regard to an idea that I have had for some time.  Due to the fact I had not yet heard from Mike, I used the comment section for the above article to attempt to reach him again.  What follows is my comment to the abovementioned article:

Mike, I recently wrote you an email in an attempt to stop this madness. I have yet to get a response from you. Essentially what I am saying is that depression (even severe depression) is PROFOUNDLY SELF-TREATABLE within a matter of hours to a matter days by using nutrients and other natural measures. The hallmark schizophrenic symptom of “hearing voices” is PROFOUNDLY SELF-TREATABLE within a matter of hours to a matter of days via the same methodology as well. Video evidence of such put on the Internet has the power to bring Big Pharma down. We need a miracle to stop what is happening in Washington. I truly believe that “I have that miracle”, as I know what I am doing in the aforementioned regards. Unfortunately, I do not have either the means or the connections to carry these ideas out. And unfortunately, Big Pharma is fully aware of me. Parties allied with or paid for by such have been hacking and/or disrupting almost every computer that I go online with for any length of time for the past three years. These people know how much what I have learned about the correction of depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia is a threat to them. I sincerely hope that you, or someone similar to you with the power to reach a wide audience, will act on what I am saying some day. And I sincerely hope that this day is not too late to make a difference, as the nutrient tools to achieve the above are targeted to be taken away from us by Big Pharma’s influence on the law.

The above comment did show up as a comment on Mike’s article for a few minutes, but then it was “edited out”.  It puzzles me as to why this comment was disallowed.

Although I greatly appreciate Mike Adams and what he is doing on the Internet to fight Big Pharma, he apparently does not understand me.  He also apparently does not understand the great significance of what I am saying.

Allen Darman

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