Listing of blogs on this WordPress site as of July 16, 2009

Dear friends:

I have been in the process of moving all of the blogs on my Yahoo 360 site of to WordPress. As of July 13, 2009 Yahoo 360 is now closed for all users, not just myself.

Although these blogs have been moved here one by one over the past few weeks, it is going to take me some time to organize and correct them.

This blog is simply a “bare list” of what is here in WordPress as of mid July 2009. This bare list is in order, from the first blog that I posted on this WordPress site ( to the last one that I posted here.

Many of the blogs listed have links to related blogs that existed on my Yahoo 360 site.  Of course, these links no longer work, as Yahoo 360 no longer exists. Over time I will be correcting all of the Yahoo 360 links in the blogs that are here in WordPress.  Please bear with me on this, as my computer time is limited, and much is on my plate right now that takes precedence over this task.

These new WordPress links to the blogs listed below will soon be posted to a second “organizing blog”.  In this second organizing blog, blogs that are related in topic will be posted together. They will have a heading for each group… such as “Blogs Related To My Recovery And What I Learned From It”, “Blogs Related To My Son Willy’s Recovery”, “Blogs Related To The Recovery of Others Using A Baggie Approach”, “Blogs Related To Willy’s Original Baggie”, “Blogs Related To Willy’s Baggie II”, “Blogs Related to Amino Acids”, “Blogs Related To The Gut”, “Blogs Related To Detoxification”, “Blogs Related To Food Allergies”, “Blogs Related To Depression”, “Blogs Related To Sleep”, “Blogs Related To Schizophrenia”, “Blogs Related To Big Pharma And The FDA”, “Blogs Related to My Chronic Hacking Problem”, “Blogs That Are Not Yet Done”, etc.

Lastly, many the blogs on this site are due for a major upgrade.  The first blog in that is going to be significantly upgraded is the blog listing the ingredients in Willy’s Baggie II titled “Willy’s Baggie II; a major improvement”.

Allen Darman

Listing of the one hundred and twenty-five blogs on this WordPress site as of July 16, 2009:

1. Hello world!

2. My Bipolar Recovery Story as of June 2004

3. My son Willy’s original ADHD/bipolar! recovery story

4. Willy’s Three Year ADHD/Bipolar Recovery Story

5. Doctors Helped Cause Willy’s Sickness

6. Willy’s Original Baggie Ingredient List (December 2006)

7. A more detailed explanation of Willy’s Original Baggie (February 2007)

8. Willy’s Baggie Wisdom on YouTube; the end of Big Pharma or me (August 2008)

9. Introducing the Concept of an “Educational Healing House” (2006)

10. An Introduction To Alternative Medicine For Psychiatric Conditions (2005)

11. My First Website Years Ago (2001)

12. An old speech draft on bipolar; still a worthy read (2002)

13. A Testimonial to Dr. Sherry Rogers

14. Probiotics and Their Effect on All Mental Illness (September 2006)

15. The End of Antibiotics (2008)

16. Autism and Probiotics Proven to Be Linked!! (September 2006)

17. Bentonite, Depression, and How The Gut May Work (2004/2005)

[Note: I see the above blog title is a mess in the link address. I will try to straighten this out some day.]

18. Bentonite, vitamin C, and yeast die off (August 2006)

19. Vitamin C; titrating to bowel tolerance for candida and many other things

20. Concepts and Ideas to Treat Depression Naturally (2003)

21. Please bear with me; I need to learn WordPress

22. An Update Regarding Willy’s Amazing Recovery (June 2009)

23. Willy’s Baggie II Shortcuts The Resolution of Depression

24. Truehope, Equilib, Willy, and Big Pharma

25. Willy, Equilib (or Truehope), and Situps

26. The Irony Of My Situation

27. Blogs Related To “A Real Cure For Schizophrenia Has Been Found!”

28. A Real Cure For Schizophrenia Has been Found!

29. An Adequate Dosage of Broad Based Amino Acids

30. Willy’s Baggie II; a major improvement

31. “Hearing Voices” remission within hours from supplement use

32. Willy’s Baggie and Schizophrenia

33. Willy’s baggie; do you need to copy it exactly?

34. Depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, or sleep issues; some blog links that may be helpful

35. Why health freedom will ultimately overcome Big Pharma mischief and FDA corruption (opinion)

36. Codex Alimentarius: Population Control Under the Guise of Consumer Protection

37. My Four Biggest Wishes

38. Willy’s Baggie, Candida, and Myself Rv.2

39. An upgraded “Resume” in paragraph form

40. In Regard to My Battle with Big Pharma

41. Information about aminos, etc. as it is being written

42. Is it possible that key knowledge known by Robert Erdmann over 20 years ago got lost?

43. Bill Maher vs. Big Pharma

44. A coming blog; Candida, probiotics, depression, bipolar disorder, etc.

45. An Expansion of the prior blog

46. I am in a real collaborative mood; and I need some help to continue my work

47. Is Big Pharma Evil?; part two

48. Is Big Pharma Evil?; the results of three searches

49. A great book! on liver cleansing

50. Attempting to go back online soon

51. Top Economists List Vitamins for Children as World’s Top Priority

52. Vitamin K Reduces Chronic Inflammation Throughout the Body

53. Hidden food allergies and bipolar disorder

54. The “nutrient equivalent” of lithium for me

55. ADHD and bipolar disorder commonality

56. Death by Medicine

57. A new Sherry Rogers book; “The Cholesterol Hoax”

58. FDA Trying To Control All Nutritional Supplements By Labeling Them “Drugs” (2007)

59. An Anecdotal Case; Depression Resolved in One Day, Rv.2 (2007)

60. Some Natural Healing Ideas For Schizophrenia (these are old ideas, I have learned more)

61. My free form amino acid and gut “depression knowledge”; where did it come from?

62. U.S. Supreme Court Poised to Strip Consumers to Sue Big Pharma

63. A coming blog further explaining the use of free form amino acids

64. The Neurotransmitter Precursor Group of Nutrients in Willy’s Baggie; and their cost

65. Colonics; are they helpful or not?

66. GABA vs. Glutamine

69. Taurine and other inhibitory nutrients

70. An egroup post on using lithium vs. raising acetylcholine

71. An encouraging initial anecdotal report

72. FDA Announces Plan to Eliminate Vitamin Companies

73. Big Pharma and its Public Relations Stategies

74. FDA Collaboration with Big Pharma Raises Eyebrows

75. Another example of the FDA’s Pro-Pharma Loyalties

76. Antidepressants; The Achilles Heel of Big Pharma

77. Dr. Rath and Company hit a home run for the world

78. The drug industry is doomed

79. I have been knocked off of home access to the net (January 2008)

80. A work in progress blog parked here for a bit

81. Another blog on Adelle Davis, my being hacked problem, etc. (November 2007)

82. World Experts Demand End to Child Drugging

83. FDA seeks to bypass doctors with behind-the-counter drug sales via pharmacists (Oct. 2007)

84. Adelle Davis; a true pioneer (September 2007)

85. Two egroup posts on inhibitory nutrients written in 2003

86. Rep. Ron Paul for President (September 2007)

87. Depression and Bipolar Disorder – Cured At Last! (August 2007)

88. An egroup post I wrote in 2005 on Sleep

89. Codex related information from Australia (August 2007)

90. FDA Trying To Control All Nutritional Supplements By Labeling Them “Drugs” (April 2007)

91. The Drug Companies Are Up To No Good On The Net: And I Am One Being Targeted As Well (April 2007)

92. Table of Contents; the first 41 blogs (in a Yahoo 360 site that is now closed)

93. Lessons I Taught Willy #4; Can You Use Just Food And Not Supplements To Get Well?

94. Lessons I Taught Willy #3; How To Cure Yourself of ADHD or Bipolar Disorder; “The Big Picture”

95. Lessons I Taught Willy #2; Don’t Trust The Doctors Or The Drug Companies, and Why

96. Lessons I Taught Willy #1; Self-Empowerment (March 2007)

97. A recent clip from Mike Adams of (April 2007)

98. A picture of Willy; and some on the “food allergy puzzle” (March 2007)

99. One of my coming blogs (March 2007)

100. TILT; toxicant-induced loss of tolerance

101. I’ve got a few volunteers for baggies, etc. but… (February 2007)

102. A little bit regarding the commonality of psychiatric illnesses (February 2007)

103. Willy on steroids??? (February 2007)

104. The possible implications of broad based nutrition taken all at once (February 2007)

105. Two reasons that Willy can be called courageous (February 2007)

106. Willy’s amazing ADHD and bipolar recovery continues! (February 2007)

107. Willy’s latest update; the End! of the Medical Model for ADHD and Bipolar Disorder (February 2007)

108. Natural Treatment of Depression and Willy’s Baggie (December 2006)

109. Willy cracked 290 on the bench press! (December 2006)

110. My “computer being hacked” problem (December 2006)

111. An update on Willy and I (December 2006)

112. Hoorah! for Mike Adams of (November 2006)

113. Some Probiotics Knowledge From the UK (September 2006)

114. Baggie number two kicked in…. Wow again! (September 2006)

115. One of Willy’s “baggies” of supplements… Wow! (September 2006)

116. Some simple ideas to correct depression (older and greatly simplified material)

117. NCD in combination with chlorella, spirulina, algae, glutathione, and vitamin C? (August 2006)

118. An egroup post linking Zeolite with 14 conditions (August 2006)

119. A recent testimonial that I got on zeolite (August 2006)

120. More on zeolite for detoxification (August 2006)

121. Apparently a breakthrough! detoxification discovery (August 2006)

122. The Desiderata… good life rules boiled down to one page

123. My First Website on the Internet

124. My disallowed comment to a recent Mike Adams article

125. Listing of blogs on this WordPress site as of July 16, 2009 (this blog)

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