Willy’s amazing ADHD and bipolar recovery continues! (February 2007)

Dear friends:

My son Willy Darman just gets better and better month after month. He may represent one of the most profound ADHD and childhood bipolar recovery stories in existence.

The gist of my son Willy’s rather amazing ADHD and bipolar recovery story is as follows:

Willy was on Ritalin for about four and a half years for an ADHD diagnosis. He also exhibited classic bipolar disorder symptoms as young as six years old. (At six years old Willy expressed thoughts about suicide, and he would often talk non-stop at a very rapid pace for over an hour, despite four other people being with him in a car.) In addition to this, Willy was a small, physically weak, and rather sickly child throughout his entire childhood.

When Willy was in seventh grade (2003-2004), he one of those very compromised children that seemingly would not ever catch up to his peers in either academic achievement or mental and physical health. Willy appeared to be one of those kids that “just did not have a chance”. Such is not the case today. Willy did not only catch up to his peers academically, his health and wellness for a child his age (16) certainly seems to exceed “the norm”.

How did Willy’s profound turnaround in health happen?

For the past thirty months (beginning in August 2004) Willy has used a wide range of nutritional supplements, and some other natural measures (and no medication whatsoever), to overcome his lack of wellness. Out of necessity, Willy self-administered these nutritional supplements and other natural measures to himself. (I am a non-custodial parent, and my ex-wife did not play an active role in Willy’s natural healing. Although I may have taught Willy much of what he needed to do in order to become well, I was not there at home to help him.) Beginning at age thirteen, my son Willy, a learning impaired child, took full personal responsibility for his own health. And he learned what he had to learn, and he did what he needed to do, in order to “cure himself”.

Last June (2006), at the completion of ninth grade, Willy won the Principal’s Award (the most prestigious award given), as well as three other academic awards. Willy also made the Honor Roll last June for the first time in his academic career. He repeated making the Honor Roll in November. Although Willy just missed making the Honor Roll (by less than a point) this past January, he did get a 98 on the only mid term NYS Regents Exam that he took. And the best news to me is that my son is now reading books! at home with some of his free time (something he NEVER did as little as a few years ago.)

The facts of Willy’s physical recovery are even more profound than his academic progress. In a thirty month span of time Willy went from almost the weakest child in his grade (of about 200 kids) to almost the strongest child in the entire school (of about 600 kids) that he attends (New Hartford High School in New Hartford, NY). To explain this, in the summer of 2004 Willy could barely bench press 60 lbs. four times. Willy can now bench press almost 300 lbs. (295 lbs. is his latest maximum). Willy can also leg press over 400 lbs., and do “the maximum” weight on most of the machines at the health club he goes to as well. He recently showed me that he can do one arm pull-ups (three with one arm and one with the other). Amazingly, Willy’s tremendous gain in physical strength came from him working out at home and in a health club perhaps an aggregate of only four or five hours a week! (Willy currently weighs 175 lbs. and is sixteen years and five months old.)

The best part of Willy’s recovery is that he no longer has any ADHD or bipolar symptoms whatsoever!, after a long history of very serious symptoms of both throughout his childhood (from age six onward). He overcame his lack of physical and mental wellness by (1) gaining a little bit of knowledge (it amazes us both how little knowledge was needed), by (2) the use of a wide range of nutritional supplements (often he took these nutritional supplements “all at once” from pre-made baggies that I used to prepare for him, and that he now prepares for himself), and by (3) some other natural measures (such as some food allergy avoidance, regular probiotics use, and some digestive enzyme use).

Hoorah! for you Willy! Son, I am so proud of what you did. And I expect to be proud of what you will do in the future, as you continue to learn more, and then apply this knowledge, in regard to becoming “the best doctor of your own self”.


Allen Darman

[My son Willy’s original recovery story (written 6/2006), and two updates that I also wrote (one in 12/2006 and one in 1/2007) are readily found on the Internet. Simply google Willy Darman to find them if you wish, or you can find them in my Yahoo 360 blog (a totally non-commercial site) at http://360.yahoo.com/allen_dar ]


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