Willy on steroids??? (February 2007)

Dear friends:

My son Willy told me a story yesterday about a person at his high school calling him up a few days ago, to ask him if he would willingly be tested for steroids. He asked them “are you testing other children?” and when they said “no”, he declined to be tested for steroids as well. He told the person at the school that he talked to to “just look him up on the Internet”, if they wanted to know how he became so amazingly strong in such a relatively short time (30 months).

Incidentally, the above was the second time that the school that Willy attends has been “really puzzled” by my son. When he was in eighth grade (a few years ago), Willy was brought to a special meeting (one in which four adults attended), and was accused of cheating on a test. He was accused of cheating as he had scored so much higher on this test than the school he attends had expected he would. The video camera in the room that was on during the test proved that Willy did not cheat, and they had to fully retract their charge of such. Very simply put, Willy’s brain had begun to work so much better after a handful of months on supplements that the school he attended thought he had to be cheating, despite the fact that they even had video evidence in their possession to the contrary!

A number of Willy’s teachers have asked him what supplements he is taking. Willy sure has changed these past few years… not only has he cured himself of ADHD (and likely bipolar disorder as well), he has become so much stronger and healthier (a journey that is not over yet!)… that some of his teachers want to know what is going on.


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