Willy cracked 290 on the bench press! (December 2006)

Dear friends:

Shortly after I posted my son Willy’s updated recovery story on the Internet in early December, Willy told me that he bench pressed 290 lbs. for the first time. (His last record was 280 at the end of Sept.)

Willy only turned 16 on September 18th. The following thoughts have struck me a few times… “what if we had started his supplementation regime earlier?”… “could Willy have bench pressed over 300 lbs. sometime in his fifteenth year of life?”

Willy’s metamorphasis from a weak sickly child to the strongest person his age and size that I have ever known is no less than amazing. It is even more amazing when one considers that it took him only about 28 months to do this, and that he spent so little time at the health club (he averaged only about 45 mins or so at the health club three times a week, and perhaps another 15 mins. a day working out in the cellar at home).

I “welcome the world” to investigate my son’s miraclous baggie of synergistic nutrients, as has been posted in here. This stuff has helped my son enormously, both mentally and physically. And from where I stand, Willy’s baggie, or a very close rendition thereof, renders every antidepressant medication on earth obsolete.

Perhaps only God knows with broad based supplementation such as what my son Willy used to heal himself is going to be found useful for. In my mind, once “a little more truth is learned”, Willy’s supplement regime may some day be found to have been the key catalyst necessary to topple the entire medical model for all mental and degenerative illness. This may be especially true when such broad based healing supplementation is coupled with “adequate gut correction” in regard to intestinal dysbiosis, exposure to hidden food allergens, a lack of digestive enzymes, resolution of “leaky gut” (if it applies), and the like.


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