Two reasons that Willy can be called courageous (February 2007)

Dear friends:

What follows is a response that I wrote to a person that replied to my posting of Willy’s recovery story to an egroup on the net. After I wrote this response, I thought that perhaps this material, when it was slightly upgraded, was appropriate for this Yahoo 360 blog as well.


Dear (name removed):

I wish to thank you for your kind and supportive comments in regard to my son Willy’s rather amazing ADHD and bipolar recovery.

As per your request, I will continue to keep this egroup abreast of any major developments in Willy’s recovery story as they happen over time.

Yes, perhaps Willy can be justifiably be called “courageous” for a couple of reasons as follows:

When Willy started to use nutritional supplements in August of 2004 to overcome his lack of health, he knew that he was going against his mother’s opinion of such in a very big way. She was adamantly against the use of any nutritional supplements, so much so that Willy had to hide what he was doing from her for months. He knew that if his mother caught him, she was very likely to take his supplements away. After about five months of hiding what he was doing from his mother, Willy did get caught (in December of 2004). Thankfully, my ex-wife realized Willy’s substantial improvement at that point in time. She wisely allowed him to continue what he was doing without giving him any interference whatsoever. It did take a bit of courage for a thirteen year old to “go against his mother’s wishes”, as Willy clearly did.

The second reason that Willy could be called “courageous” concerned the amount of supplements that Willy was willing to take all at once. On a camping trip in the summer of 2004, I had brought about $1000. worth of a wide range of nutritional supplements with me in an attempt to get Willy started on them (at his repeated request to do so, not my pushing them on him at all). During this camping trip Willy essentially told me “Dad, I can’t be taking supplements out of bottles a number of times a day. Mom will catch me for sure. You have to throw everything together in a plastic baggie, and I will take it all once.” And this is how Willy’s recovery actually began. Late in his thirteenth year of life, Willy began taking a baggie of about 60 capsules or tablets of various supplements once every two or three days or so, along with a single bottle of probiotics that he also used “on the side”.

I don’t know of many (any?) thirteen year olds that would have been brave enough to swallow the amount of supplements that my son did beginning in August 2004, in an attempt to correct their ill health. However, one thing perhaps made this easier than it sounds… Willy knew from the very first baggie that he took that what was in it was really helping him in a very big way (as did I). Willy told me recently, “I felt great for about four days from the very first baggie that I took” (he clearly remembers this).

Incidentally, for a number of years I had used all of the supplements that my son Willy took in his baggie, I had just never taken them all at once before. This was true until I took the first baggie that I made for Willy in August of 2004 to try it myself for safety reasons (before I gave one to him).

When Willy and I show the baggies of supplements that we take to other people, the common response is “I won’t take that… it’s way too much to take all at once”. People seem very afraid of the baggie… afraid of the same baggie that has helped both my son and I enormously… and afraid of the same baggie that I personally feel is be destined to “rewrite the history books” in regard to what human health is all about some day.

I should note that I am not saying that Willy and I have stumbled on to a perfect answer for ADHD and/or bipolar disorder. However, it sure seems to us that we have stumbled on to something very significant, and perhaps significant for all humanity. I leave it up to “the experts” in nutritional and biological science to work out the details of what should belong in Willy’s baggie, and why. Willy and I are only “layperson discoverers” that feel that we have stumbled on to something that is very, very important for the entire human race.


Allen Darman

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