The Drug Companies Are Up To No Good On The Net: And I Am One Being Targeted As Well (April 2007)

Dear group:

Mike Adams of, Dr. Rima Laibow of, and I have all been victims of hackers and/or other malicious efforts to disrupt our messages from getting out over the Internet. There may be others in the alternative health movement that have had problems such as this as well. (I don’t know of any other specific parties that have reported to be victims of hackers or disruption over the net, but I certainly would not be surprised if such parties did exist. There seems to be a pattern here.)
Below are two recent newsletters that I received from that allude to problems in regard to hacking and/or staying on the Internet.

I recently posted a reply to one of Mike Adams newsletters, informing him of the repetitive difficulties I have had with hackers ever since my son Willy’s original ADHD and bipolar recovery story was widely cross posted to the Internet last June.

Conventional medicine is inevitably going to fall, unless they are successful in taking nutritional supplements out of the hands of the general public. They know this, and they are doing everything that they can to stop it from happening, to include using criminal activity over the net in an attempt to slow down parties that they feel are a threat to them in some way.

I admit that I am “almost a nobody” in the alternative medical arena, but my son Willys’ amazing ADHD and bipolar recovery story is so powerful that “they” are apparently quite concerned about it… and thus I keep getting computers that I am using repetitively hacked, a situation that has been true since the summer of 2006. I have even had various computers that I was using in a public library near me hacked as well. This is as bizarre as it gets, to say the least.

God help us if Big Pharma wins in regard to their efforts to “stop the truth from being told”, or in regard to their efforts to take nutritional supplements and other natural healing measures out of the hands of the general public in the U.S. (via the FDA, which the drug industry controls).

Allen Darman

NewsTarget Insider Alert (

Dear Readers,


Earlier today, we released a jaw-dropping story about organized criminals attacking NewsTarget, attempting to take us offline and discredit our work. Now we’re releasing another blockbuster story that demonstrates exactly why Big Pharma and the FDA want to shut us up for good: Details of a new FDA “final solution” plan to utterly destroy natural medicine by regulating herbs, supplements, vitamins and even massage oils as drugs while criminalizing anyone who sells such products.

If the FDA has its way, even vegetable juices will be regulated as “drugs.” Massage props and hot rocks will be classified as “medical devices,” and the entire nutritional supplements industry will be destroyed, wiped off the slate, and replaced by a stronger-than-ever pharmaceutical monopoly that has already taken over virtually the entire U.S. government.

This is an urgent action item. You still have until April 30 to post comments with the FDA or write your representatives, and you can join hundreds of thousands of other readers who are taking a stand right now to stop this medical tyranny in its tracks. Contact details and web links are printed in the story below. Click the headline to read…

Health: Health freedom action alert: FDA attempting to regulate supplements, herbs and juices as “drugs”

When it comes to health freedom, this is the FDA’s end game. A new FDA “guidance” document, published on the FDA’s website, reveals plans to reclassify virtually all vitamins, supplements, herbs and even vegetable juices as FDA-regulated drugs. Massage…

NOTE: Within minutes after posting this story, our website was apparently subjected to another disruption attack, and the site slowed to a crawl. If you cannot reach the site for any reason, or the pages are loading slowly, rest assured that we are aware of the issue and we’re working on blocking the hackers and restoring web server performance.

This is the price we pay for fighting for REAL freedom. The attacks are relentless, and the Big Pharma conspirators will seemingly stop at nothing to destroy NewsTarget and make sure readers like you never see what we publish. The FDA has declared war on the American people, and Big Pharma-funded criminal gangs have declared war on NewsTarget for daring to tell you the truth about what’s really going on.

You see, they not only want to eliminate your access to vitamins and supplements, they also want to eliminate your access to INFORMATION about vitamins and supplements! You, the consumer, were never supposed to find out about this. When you read this story, you are reading information that will likely soon be OUTLAWED or CENSORED.

Read it while you still can.

To your health and freedom,
– Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

I recently posted the following reply to Mike Adams in regard to the article below.

Dear Mike:

There is definitely a pattern here. Ever since I widely disbursed my son Willy’s rather amazing ADHD and bipolar recovery story on the Internet in June 2006, the personal computers that I have been using keep getting hacked into in a very destructive manner. I have lost three different personal computers to hacking thus far, as well as have been hacked using a public library computer, and hacked using another personal computer that was not mine. This totals five different computers hacked into and/or disrupted thus far in a period of only ten months.

This has to be the drug companies trying to stop the truth from coming out, such that they can protect their revenue stream.

I have known for at least seven years that what I had learned about the treatment of depression and manic depression naturally was going to cost the drug companies many billions of dollars some day. With my son Willy’s amazing ADHD and bipolar recovery, this number may be much higher.

I am not nearly as well known as yourself or Dr. Laibow, but I felt that it was appropriate to let you know that other persons in the alternative medical arena are being targeted and hacked as well, and that I am one of these persons. I cannot use a personal computer and sign in to my Yahoo account without it getting hammered with attempted intrusions and attempted virus infections within a matter of a single hour, and this has been true since August of 2006. I have simply given up trying to be online at home. As a result of this, I have been using various public libraries in which to write to my blog on Whomever is targeting me even got into one public library that I was working out of and hacked the library computer that I was using. This stuff is as strange as it gets.

The drug companies are truly evil. They are putting their companies and their profits above the health and well being of the public. And they are using every means that they can to do so, to include hacking and/or disrupting the computers of persons that they feel are a threat to them.

Keep up the great work Mike. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate what you are doing.

Allen Darman

Well-funded criminals attack NewsTarget, health freedom groups with covert disruption campaigns
Top health freedom consumer advocacy groups in the United States are being clandestinely targeted by organized disruption campaigns and “black PR” efforts. The apparent purpose of these campaigns is to discredit, disrupt and censor their natural health and health freedom political and educational efforts. Both the Natural Solutions Foundation ( and natural health news site NewsTarget ( revealed details today of distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) website attacks, database hacking attempts, personal and professional reputation internet smear campaigns and impersonation attempts, among other tactics. “All of these well-financed activities are clearly criminal in nature and violate free speech rights, libel and slander legislation and criminal statutes.” according to health freedom advocacy attorney, Ralph Fucetola.

The barrage of attacks seem to coincide with the recent success of both and the Natural Solutions Foundation in expanding their influence in the US and abroad. NewsTarget now reaches more than half a million readers each month with its outspoken reports on natural health solutions and consumer warnings about the dangers of prescription drugs and corrupt government agencies. The Natural Solutions Foundation is an international consumer advocacy group that fights the suppression of natural health options and the global contamination of food by CODEX (Codex Alimentarius).

Codex, as it is known, is a UN-sponsored international effort to regulate or outlaw herbs, vitamins and nutritional supplements and permit high levels of contamination of the global food supply by dangerous chemicals. Natural Solutions Foundation is following a strategy to allow nations to preserve natural health and protect their people from preventable diseases while avoiding Codex-related World Trade Organization (WTO) trade sanctions.

The website was recently knocked offline for several days due to a well organized DDoS attack (Distributed Denial of Service). Emails have also been blocked in an attempt to disconnect Rima Laibow, M.D., the Medical Director of the Natural Solutions Foundation, from her readers. Simultaneously, online donations and product sales were inactivated, denying the Foundation the donations which are its only source of funding. Drug and pornography-related response robots have also forced Dr. Laibow to close commentary on her very popular blog (

During the same time period, Mike Adams, the editor of, has been subjected to numerous personal attacks, including email smear campaigns, bogus inappropriate emails and a bizarre attempt to impersonate Adams by a covert operative who attempted to gain entry into the offices of the company that owns NewsTarget website and content, Truth Publishing International. Automated robot scripts have hammered NewsTarget-related message boards, attempting to fill them with pornographic images and bombarding administrators with garbage posts from bogus users.

“These actions are clearly criminal in nature and are being undertaken by organized, well-funded groups who desire to censor NewsTarget articles and deny the public access to information that tells them the truth about food, nutrition, medicine and health,” said Mike Adams, NewsTarget editor and consumer health advocate.

Like the attacks on the Natural Solutions Foundation site, these covert actions specifically target some of the most effective forces in health freedom today. Significantly, they are designed to silence those groups which are effectively educating people and countries about their rights to make their own health choices, regardless of whether or not those choices result in profits to the multinational corporations which attempt to govern our health and our freedoms.

About Dr. Rima Laibow
Dr. Rima Laibow is an MD who has practiced drug free psychiatry and medicine for 37 years since her graduation from Albert Einstein Medical College in 1970. She is a recognized pioneer and medical innovator, teacher and health freedom activist. Her concern over the impact of the illness care industry, including Big Pharma, led her to close her private practice of medicine in 2004 in order to devote herself full time to securing freedoms for natural health and personal health choices on a global basis.

Along with Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III she founded the Natural Solutions Foundation and, working with a group of pro-health lawyers, crafted a science-based international legal solution to the global threat of Codex. Briefing Heads of State, Ministers of Health and others around the world, the Natural Solutions Foundation has rapidly become a major force in the global struggle to retain the right to choose and use natural health options including clean, uncontaminated food, high potency dietary supplements and other non-drug health strategies. The Foundation is sponsoring a Citizens Petition legally challenging the 1995 decision of the US Government to “HARMONIZE” with Codex in preference to US Domestic regulations. Over 40,000 Americans have signed this document calling the FDA and USDA to heel over Codex.

National health policy around the world has been positively impacted by their efforts. For example, at the latest Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses (CCNFSDU, Chiang Mai, Thailand, November 2007) the document provided by the Natural Solutions Foundation allowed health friendly countries to override the vigorous objection of the US, Australia, New Zealand and the EU and prohibit the addition of the dangerous toxin fluoride as an additive to baby formula for healthy children. Fluoride causes bone cancer, leukemia and other cancers, increased tooth decay, bone breaks, endocrine damage, brain damage and poisons other major organ systems.

The Natural Solutions Foundation is welcomed by decision makers as a non-commercial health advocacy organization. Dr. Laibow and General Stubblebine briefed the President of India in an extended private session, was the featured speaker at an Indian government meeting for an organization representing 950,000 Indian farmers, addressed the assembled Health Ministers of eastern, southern and central African nations and has met with dozens of decision makers in their own countries in Asia and Africa.

The Natural Solutions Foundation attends numerous Codex meetings, lobbies for health and health freedom and reports on them extensively. Her articles, interviews, blogs and emails are widely read by natural health advocates and supporters around the world.

Neither Dr. Laibow nor General Stubblebine receives any salaries or royalties from their health advocacy work or the sales generated by their virtual store, Organics4U, at

About Mike Adams
Mike Adams is the creator of numerous free nutritional guides and health-related interviews that are enjoying widespread popularity. His Honest Food Guide ( has been downloaded more than 800,000 times. Adams is also the creator of the free Natural Health Library ( and the hugely popular free online reference site . Adams is also the executive director of the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center (, an organization dedicated to enhancing pre-natal nutrition, ending censorship of nutritional supplements and other notable achievements. Mike Adams receives no salary and no royalties from his health advocacy work. and the Natural Solutions Foundation work independently and do not pursue any projects jointly. However, together they are both proving to be highly successful in attracting grassroots activism and readership among people who wish to protect their freedoms and their access to accurate information about health.

The history of black ops against health freedom groups
Organized and virulent attacks by groups and government agencies targeting effective health freedom groups, authors and individuals have a long and disgraceful history. Covert disruption attempts have been used against many health freedom advocates. The Life Extension Foundation, for example, was targeted and raided by the FDA and its founders charged with 89 federal crimes. When the LEF fought back vigorously in court, all charges were dropped!

The history of conventional medicine is rife with blatant attempts to suppress, silence and discredit anyone daring to teach people the truth about health, nutrition and medicine. The American Medical Association, for example, was twice found guilty of conspiracy to destroy chiropractic medicine in U.S. federal courts. Rife machines were destroyed. Wilhelm Reich’s books were publicly burned by the FDA and his devices destroyed. Cancer remedy creator Harry Hoxsey was hounded (and almost assassinated) by thugs linked to conventional medicine.

The true history of armed FDA raids, kidnappings, and other dubious actions taken against health freedom pioneers is revealed in Mike Adams’ new book, Natural Health Solutions ( Attacks against Adams were stepped up following the release of this book which documents the real history of Big Pharma and its links to Nazi Germany: Companies like Bayer, BASF and Hoechst are the offspring of IG Farben, the Nazi corporation that conducted medical experiments on prisoners in the Auschwitz concentration camp and was dissolved by the Nurembuerg Tribunal. Attacks against the Natural Solutions Foundation likewise intensified with the publication of “The Killing Ground of Codex”, a detailed examination of the links between Codex Alimentarius and the Nazi drug companies continuing until the present day.

“There is no question in my mind that drug companies are funding these covert attempts to target health freedom groups in an effort to destroy or discredit them,” said Adams. “As the world’s richest corporations that rely on the continued ‘disease-ification’ of the world population in order to exploit people for profits, drug companies have the motive and the means to launch such attacks against those who threaten their profits and control. The more we reach consumers with honest information about the dangers of pharmaceuticals and the safe, natural cures available from nature, the more we are attacked,” Adams said. “And rather than facing us in public with an honest debate about health, they engage in covert operations to get what they want. It’s the same way they control Congress and the Food and Drug Administration.”

Dr. Laibow notes that since drug companies, which promote the use of dangerous and often deadly products which suppress symptoms by poisoning the body (like the deadly Cox-2 inhibitors Vioxx and Celebrex) could not win an honest debate, they use stealth, science-for-hire, poison press propaganda and covert attacks like the ones to which Mike Adams and the Natural Solutions Foundation are currently being subjected.

Despite the ongoing attacks, both the Natural Solutions Foundation and continue to publish daily articles on health freedom, consumer advocacy, revelations and condemnations of the actions of drug companies, the FDA, the USDA and other groups which fail to protect the public. Ironically, both organizations have surged in popularity and garnered new support because of these attacks.

For more information:

Natural Solutions Foundation:



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