Table of Contents; the first 41 blogs in a Yahoo 360 site that is now closed

Dear friends:

The following is a list of the titles of the first forty one blogs in here, from last to first. I thought that this Table of Contents might help some persons find blogs that may be interesting to them and/or useful to them in some way.

This table of contents easily allows someone to see the entire contents of this site ( at the moment. (This site will be continually upgraded over time.)

My primary goal in creating this rather simple and non-professional site is to empower other persons with knowledge, such that they can be “a more effective doctor of themselves”. This is the same self-empowering approach that I took with my teenage son Willy, and what amazing health recovery results he has achieved (in regard to both his physical and mental health).

Perhaps it is worthy to note that besides the blogs involving “lessons to Willy” (especially lesson three) one of the most significant blogs on this site is blog #20 in the list below. This blog is titled “Natural Treatment of Depression and Willy’s Baggie”. Some other significant blogs on this site that are worthy to mention relate to the specifics of Willy’s baggie ingredients, and/or why these ingredients were included. (These are blogs #16 and #23 in the list below.)

I have no commercial agenda whatsoever. I am not selling anything on this site, nor am I selling anything else anywhere on the Internet. I am simply sharing with other persons what I believe to be true.

Allen Darman

1. Table of Contents

2. Willy Lesson #4; Can You Use Just Food And Not Supplements To Get Well?

Certainly an optimal diet is a very wise choice to make in any health recovery. However, in order to recover from many conditions of essential nutrient deficiency a good diet is simply not enough to get the healing job done.

3. A recent clip from Mike Adams of

Mike Adams knows, as I do, that the primary agenda of the drug industry is greater profits; their agenda has absolutely nothing to do with the recovery of human health.

4. Lessons I Taught Willy #3; How To Cure Yourself of ADHD or Bipolar Disorder; “The Big Picture”

This is a critical blog in here. My son needed to understand his own body and how it worked in a practical sense in order to recover from what he had. This blog begins on this task of empowering my son with conceptual knowledge that he needed in order for him to recover from ADHD, bipolar disorder, and a general lack of health.

I still have quite a few key concepts that belong in this lesson. However, I do not want to make this lesson too long such that “it cannot be swallowed in one bite”. I may end up doing a “Part One of The Big Picture” and a “Part Two of The Big Picture” in order to address this.

I do intend on making these “lessons to Willy” into a book within the foreseeable future. The title of this book is likely to be “Lessons To Willy; How I Taught My Son How To Overcome ADHD and Bipolar Disorder In Himself”.

5. Lessons I Taught Willy#2; Don’t Trust The Doctors Or The Drug Companies, and Why

It is so sad that medical doctors, who are our supposed to be “our helpers in healing”, have only toxic drugs to work with as their “chemical healing tools”.

All drugs are toxic, every single one. Drugs can not heal ADHD or bipolar disorder; only nutrients and other natural measures can.

In essence, the above means that doctors have locked themselves out of being able to heal either ADHD or bipolar disorder, for they are legally restricted to use drugs, and only drugs, to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

6. Lessons I Taught Willy #1; Self-Empowerment

I taught my son Willy, beginning at age 13, that “the best doctor of you is YOU”, as far as correcting ADHD and bipolar disorder in yourself is concerned.

Taking personal responsibility for his own wellness was crucial to Willy’s amazing health recovery. Willy took this responsibility for his own health beginning at age 13, and in doing so, he may have taught us all a great deal.

7. A picture of Willy; and some on the “food allergy puzzle”

Willy broke a lot of “alternative medicine rules” in regard to hidden food allergy identification and avoidance. Yet he still generated one of the most profound health recoveries from ADHD, bipolar disorder, and lack of general health in existence. Perhaps there are some valuable lessons to be learned from what Willy did, and did not do, to become as well as he has.

8. One of my coming blogs

I owe so many persons thanks for the extrordinary place my son and I are in. At some point in the forseeable future I hope to find the time to write up a thank you to them. This will include a special thank you to Dr. Sherry Rogers of Dr. Rogers was by far “my greatest teacher”. I say this despite the fact that she knew very litttle about the tremendous therapeutic power of free form amino acids; for she taught me so much about “almost everything else”.

This thank you to my many teachers is going to be the preface of a book some day.

9. TILT; toxicant-induced lack of tolerance (an egroup post from 2005)

This is an egroup post that I wrote a few years ago that I thought some might find interesting.

Incidentally, a general removal of toxins should always be a part of the proper treatment of bipolar disorder. All bipolar persons are “more toxic than the norm”.

Why is this?

For one, it is due to the fact that all bipolar persons are broadly nutrient deficient, and all detoxification pathways in the body are nutrient dependent.

And for a second reason, intestinal dysbiosis issues, and the toxicity that they generate (some of which gets absorbed into the body), applies to almost 100% of persons that have received a bipolar diagnosis.

10. I’ve got a few volunteers for baggies, etc. but…

I am interested in applying what I know to others, but I just don’t have the means to do so at this point in time. Hopefully, this will change at some point as a result of a little bit of philanthropic help. I have seen some other persons respond very positively to my son Willy’s baggie, but a few baggies per person is just not enough to generate the proof that I seek, and I don’t have the means to give out any more.

Willy’s baggie (or a close rendition thereof), when it is coupled with food allergy avoidance, probiotics use, digestive enzyme use, and other basic alternative medicine measures, is destined to topple drug oriented approaches to a number of illnesses some day. This is especially true for ilnesses such as depression, bipolar disorder, and ADHD, those that I am most familiar.

11. A little bit regarding the commonality of psychiatric illnesses

12. Willy on steroids???

The high school Willy attends just can’t figure out how he went from almost the weakest child in his grade, to the strongest child in his high school, in only two and a half years.

13. The possible implications of broad based nutrition taken all at once

The implications of the above-mentioned material may be rather substantial, to say the very least. The very broad based nutrient boost that Willy used to become so profoundly well, coupled with adequately dealing with one’s common malabsorptive causes, does not just apply to depression, bipolar disorder, and ADHD. It also applies, at least conceptually, to the proper treatment of all sorts of health conditions, as well as applies to the treatment of all types of substance abuse.

Unblock all of the common causes that impair nutrient delivery to the body, apply a broad and balanced wide array of nutrients (such as Willy’s baggie represents), and then let God do the rest as far as healing is concerned.” This general principal is going to topple conventional drug oriented medicine some day. It is only a matter of a little more time. Nutrients, coupled together and taken properly, are just far too “healing powerful” to be ignored. My son Willy is rather amazing anecdotal proof of this.

14. Two reasons that Willy can be called courageous

15. Willy’s amazing ADHD and bipolar recovery continues!

What a story of hope my son Willy has generated for the whole world. Willy, a sickly child who was compromised in both his physical and mental health, learned, beginning at age 13, “how to cure himself!”…. and what a great job he has done thus far. Other blogs in here are earlier versions of Willy’s recovery story. Willy just gets better month after month… and as he does so I have continued to report such to the net.

16. A more detailed explanation of Willy’s baggie

This above is not a perfect document, but it is the best that I can do at the moment in regard to explaining what is in Willy’s baggie and why. I will continue to work on this material over the months to come, such that it is “the best that I can make of it”. In essence, I am freely giving away “to the world” the nutrient formula in my son Willy’s baggie, in the hope that some other persons may try a similar approach, such that important human knowledge is advanced without further delay. For those that find this material too long and/or unwieldy, see a prior blog titled “Willy’s Baggie Ingredient List”.

17. Willy’s latest update; the End! of the Medical Model for ADHD and Bipolar Disorder

It’s all over but the shouting! The twin bipolar recoveries of Willy and I spell doom for the medical model of manic depression. When I recovered from bipolar disorder in the late 1990’s, what I was doing to remain well was a little unwieldy and complex, such that other persons had a hard time following suit. With Willy, I discovered “easy”, as a result of his insistence that he take “everything all at once”. Willy had an easy time overcoming his rather severe lack of health. Both of us are amazed at how easy it was. And I am amazed at how far Willy has come recovery-wise, using an easy to implement approach that takes him so little time and effort per day.

18. My Bipolar Recovery Story as of June 2004

This material was written just prior to my beginning to teach my son Willy how to overcome bipolar disorder in himself in the summer of 2004. It tells quite a bit about me, and what I went through to overcome manic depression in myself.

19. An Introduction To Alternative Medicine For Psychiatric Conditions

The above-mentioned document is sorely overdue for an upgrade of its reading list and perhaps some of its copy, but some of the ideas in it may be quite insightful to others, regardless. This is a very worthy read for those unfamiliar with alternative medicine.

20. Natural Treatment of Depression and Willy’s Baggie

This blog essentially merges Willy’s baggie with a document titled “Concepts And Ideas To Treat Depression Naturally” (2003). This material was actually a rewrite of an older document that was very similar. I wrote the original document on this topic in the year 2000. When I was in the process of “changing computers” in 2001, this earlier document was lost.

My son Willy’s recovery did rely substantially on knowledge that is reflected in “Concepts And Ideas To Treat Depression Naturally”. (If someone reads this document, and then compares it to Willy’s baggie ingredients, they would immediately see why.) Willy’s circumstances at home during the beginning of his recovery simply forced us to make my prior knowledge regarding chemical correction simple for Willy to implement at home by himself… and thus “Willy’s baggie” was borne.

I cannot help but feel that the material in “Concepts And Ideas To Treat Depression Naturally” has “led the world” for years in regard to both the conceptual understanding, and the practical treatment, of a depressive state in most persons so afflicted. Prior to helping my son Willy to recover from ADHD and bipolar disorder, the knowledge reflected in this material represents “the crowning achievement of my entire life”. In helping Willy to recover, I admittedly did learn some things. This growth in understanding did improve on what I knew prior in regard to the treatment of depression naturally.

Incidentally, Willy’s baggie does make my prior knowledge regarding the treatment of depression much easier for other persons to use, assuming they choose to do so.

21. Willy cracked 290 on the bench press! (He is now at 300 lbs. on this as of the last week in February.)

In a thirty month span of time, Willy became amazing strong, despite a long childhood history of being a rather weak and sickly child.

22. My “computer being hacked” problem

I know of no one in alternative medicine who is having as much trouble with hackers getting into my computers as I am. Ever since my son Willy’s original recovery story came out last June, I have had a very hard time “staying on the net”, unless I use public library computers in which to do so (this is being written from a library). I am not simply getting a virus or spyware of some sort, apparently someone out there with knowledge of how to hack a computer does not like what I have to say.

23. Willy’s Baggie Ingredient List

This is a specific list of what is in Willy’s baggie, with a little bit of explanation at times when I felt such was important. I “welcome the world” to try to improve on the synergistic nutrient formula that my son is using. All it takes to do so is some knowledge of how to use supplements properly and safely, enough money for a wide array of them (such as Willy’s baggie represents), and the willingness to combine them and then “take them all at once”.

24. An update on Willy and I

25. Hoorah! for Mike Adams of

Mike Adams is a powerful and popular spokesperson against the craziness of the pharmaceutical companies. He makes light of the fact that they essentially try to prescribe their toxic drugs for any malady whatsoever to everyone under the sun (in the interests of their own profits, of course).

26. Some Probiotics Knowledge From the UK

The above comes from Glenn Gibson. He did a double blind study in the U.K. on the effect of probiotics on autism. The study collapsed last year due to the fact that the parents of “the placebo kids” saw the difference of probiotics on the autistic children that were receiving such (the other group being compared). These parents refused to let their children be in the placebo group anymore. They simply took them out of the study and began giving them probiotics on their own, as they had seen so much benefit from doing such.

27. Probiotics and Their Effect on All Mental Illness

This was written by me, and it generalizes what the above-mentioned study proved. It is perhaps inevitable that the use of probiotics is going to be found to one aspect (there are others, of course) of the proper treatment of all mental illness, if not an often crucial one.

28. Autism and Probiotics Proven to Be Linked!!

29. Bentonite, Depression, and How The Gut May Work

This is a very important conceptual document that I wrote years ago. Although my son Willy never used bentonite and pysllium to purge his gut, this is a key skill that I hope to teach him some day. I did teach Willy many of the concepts in this document during his recovery. In lieu of bentonite, I told Willy to eat fibrous foods such as a few apples at the same time, or eat a quantity of other fibrous fruits or vegetables, to clear his gut after he made “a dietary mistake” (such as eat ice cream, which he knows he reacts negatively to, but just can’t seem to stay away from sometimes).

30. Baggie number two kicked in…. Wow again!

Willy’s baggie, the same one that helped him to get well from ADHD and bipolar disorder, is powerfully anti-depressive in me. I think that this baggie is going to be found to be powerfully anti-depressive for many other persons as well. This is because Willy’s baggie essentially boosts all neurotransmitters “across the board”, assuming that the nutrients in it are adequately absorbed (sometimes one’s nutrient absorption is so compromised that whatever is causing this lack of absorption in the gut needs to be deal with as well).

Willy’s baggie does improve on some of my prior knowledge in regard to how to treat a depressive state naturally (as per another blog entry titled “Natural Treatment of Depression and Willy’s baggie”.

31. One of Willy’s “baggies” of supplements… Wow!

I’ve known for quite some time that Willy’s baggie, or a close rendition thereof, is going to make all anti-depressants obsolete some day. This is not a statement that “is coming out of nowhere”… as I have “led the world” in regard to how to treat depression naturally since April 2000, if not a bit before.

32. Some simple ideas to correct depression

This is a very stripped down and simple version of what I know. I would not rely on this material alone. Some of the other blogs in here are much better than this one.

33. NCD in combination with chlorella, spirulina, algae, glutathione, and vitamin C?

34. Bentonite, vitamin C, and yeast die off

This has some helpful ideas for those that are dealing with candida.

35. An egroup post linking Zeolite with 14 conditions

36. A recent testimonial that I got on zeolite

37. More on zeolite for detoxification

38. The Desiderata… good life rules boiled down to one page

39. Apparently a breakthrough! detoxification discovery

I have yet to use zeolite in combination with a green juice fast to detoxify myself, but I am looking forward to the day that I do. Although I do not have any personal experience using zeolite, I believe what Dr. Gabriel Cousens is representing in regard to zeolite and a green juice fast can do in regard to detoxification.

40. An old speech draft on bipolar

This speech draft was written in 2002. Despite its age, it is still quite good. It may be “a worthy read” for many, as it is a simple conceptual overview that is rather easily understood.

41. My son Willy’s original ADHD/bipolar recovery story

What a moment this was for me to know that my son Willy had become so well that this had been formally recognized by the Junior High School that he attended. This original recovery story may still represent “a heartwarming story of great hope” for many, despite the fact that Willy continued to get even better in the months to follow, and I continued to report on such to the Internet.

Allen Darman

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