Some Natural Healing Ideas For Schizophrenia (these are old ideas, I have learned more)

Dear friends:

I recently wrote an email advising an anonymous person in regard to the illness called schizophrenia. I thought that perhaps some might find this email of interest to them, or of use to them in some way. (I admittedly did modify and edit it a little bit.)


Dear (XXX):

I am almost certain that the general principles that I have discovered about recovery from bipolar disorder and biochemical depression apply to schizophrenia as well. This means that I suggest all of the following to correct schizophrenia (in no particular order of importance):

1. A series of perhaps a half a dozen colonics or so to remove as much toxic material as possible from the colon. This step is a must for many.

2. A baseline mineral and amino acid test from Metametrix (or a similar laboratory).

I should note that I am not a big fan of amino acid testing, as one can so easily develop a state of “functional amino acid deficiency”, as well as readily resolve such by taking an adequate quantity of broad based free form amino acids over a span of a few weeks or so. Such “up and down” levels of amino acids would most certainly show up when tested for. There is little point of expensive testing of “a moment in time”, given the fact that levels of free form amino acids in one’s blood can, and often do, so readily change. I simply would like to see one test result for amino acids if I was helping someone to overcome schizophrenia naturally, to see if I could pick up some clues that might be useful in some way. Most amino acid testing is marginally useful, if not pointless…. at least that is my opinion.

Mineral testing sometimes can give a person some key clues in regard to how to effect wellness on themselves, but sometimes it is too inaccurate to be of any valid use. To a certain extent this inaccuracy depends on the mineral being tested and/or the “true accuracy” of the test results (some mineral levels do not test well via certain methodology). Don’t over-rely on mineral tests… but they can be of some value at times, depending.

3. Metametrix also has a “new stool test”, but I would like to see quite a bit of “gut correction” before this test is administered. There is not too much sense testing for baseline here, as so much in the gut needs to change “right off the bat”. I would rather see a test for whatever residual problems may remain, rather than “test up front”, as some alternative doctors suggest.

However, I should perhaps note here that I feel that stool testing is not all that it is cracked up to be. Jordan Rubin, of Garden of Life, feels the same way. He essentially says “why test a moment in time of a very dynamic and readily changeable equation?”… and I pretty much feel the same way. One needs to learn how to get their gut up to par, and also needs to learn how to fix it when it goes awry, as well as one needs to learn how to recognize such (a state of gut dysfunction). It is simply not practical to be repeatedly stool testing when one has gut trouble of some sort… and the correction of such is almost invariably much cheaper than testing for it.

4. The person being helped should absolutely be on a “liquid diet” to “take the pressure off of their gut” for at least a few weeks to a month. Taking the pressure off the gut really helps to resolve “leaky gut”, as well as helps to correct bowel transit time as well.

5. The above diet should include at least two or three “juicing sessions” as day. I would like to see many persons drinking between two to three quarts of raw organic veggie juice a day, avoiding cucumbers, and the nightshade family as well. Non-allergic “green shakes” with fresh pineapple or papaya, and perhaps some flax oil, are also helpful here.

6. The person being helped should be taking nearly all of their protein requirement in balanced free form amino acids. Rather than one of “Willy’s baggies” every day, I would like to see this person taking two or three “baggie-like” supplement regimes a day, using optimal ingredients, whenever such can be identified and found. I would need a mineral test to feel comfortable here in regard to what mineral levels of certain things (especially copper and zinc) to put in these modified baggies. (The fact that two or three baggies a day vs. the one my son Willy uses is suggested here most certainly means that the baggie ingredients listed on this site would have to be amended to address this “multiple dosing” vs. just one.)

7. All common hidden food allergens need to go… this means almost everything in the Standard American Diet must go, to include the gluten grains of wheat, oats, barley, and rye, dairy, corn, eggs, peanuts, soy, chocolate, citrus, etc. Juicing, baggies, and a “premium easy to digest non-allergic diet” using whatever digestive aids are necessary (alway enzymes, and HCL if needed)… should be the person’s entire diet after his “liquid one”… at least until he or she becomes a great deal better, to include no symptoms of schizophrenia whatsoever.

8. A “dosing” up to bowel tolerance with vitamin C as per Robert Cathcart should be done on day one or day two. This will help determine a person’s baseline state of toxicity, as well as help to resolve such. It would also help to define a person’s vitamin C requirements, at least at this point in time (the less toxic one is, the less vitamin C one needs).

9. A “dosing up” with HCL to determine the possible need for such should be done.

10. A “slow dosing up” with Primal Defense powder should be done… after the gut is purged “from both ends” as much as is practical or possible. (High dosage vitamin C and water is “the solution” to a die off reaction, if such occurs. I am amazed that even William Crook, M.D. did not recommend this, as he was one of the pioneers on yeast.)

11. Some yeast and intestinal dysbiosis measures might be needed here as well, such as caprylic acid, grapefuit seed extract, anti-parasitic herbals, etc. to kill off “some of the bad stuff”… and kill it off even more than Primal Defense is able to do.

12. A “slow dosing up” with bentonite and psyllium should be done at some point to help effect removal of problematic gut biology, etc. However, this is not to be done right away… rather only after (1) at least three or four colonics have been done, (2) one’s diet has been liquified for a week or two and much problematic material removed, and perhaps (3) high dosage digestive enzymes (to chew up residual gut contents) have been tried as well.

13. At some point zeolite should be tried. I believe Gabriel Cousins on this. I believe him when he said that “an average person has something like 2,500 measurable toxins in their body” and by use of zeolite and a green juice fast that some persons were able to get down to “a measurable level of none”. In my mind, zeolite, coupled with what I know of the gut and nutritional supplementation, means that almost anyone can get healthy and whole again. (I know nutrients, allergens, and gut toxins well. This new discovery on detoxification covers the only other major influence on the health and function of the human cell inside the body, which is toxins that have “gone beyond the gut”.)

14. Dr. Abram Hoffer’s standard nutrient for schizophrenia, niacin, should be tried at some point. However, I would not rely on niacin, and/or a few other nutrients for healing, in regard to dealing with schizophrenia. The “gut needs to be thoroughly dealt with” for this illness to be cured… as does one’s diet. Persons diagnosed with schizophrenia are all fairly broadly nutrient deficient as well. I am convinced that there is a cure for schizophrenia, if it is dealt with properly. In honesty, I consider the “older school of thought” of orthomolecular medicine, as represented by Dr.’s Abram Hoffer and Bill Walsh, obsolete. The “newer school of alternative medical thought”, as postulated by the “gut doctors” (such Dr. Sherry Rogers), is more in line with the “best healing truth”.

15. If there is any medicine that I would possibly need access to to help a person with schizophrenia it would be Diflucan, or something similar, for fungus that may have migrated into the body and brain from the gut. This may or may not be needed, as the addition of coconut to the diet and some of the other things being done may clear up whatever problems may exist in this regard.

I admit I did simply “spit out the above list” without a great deal of careful and considered thought. I revise the right to make minor amendments to the above… but I am sure that anyone that reads the above will get the idea of where I am coming from. Various blogs on may provide a bit more detail in the above regards.


Like bipolar disorder and chronic depression, I sincerely believe that the roots of schizophrenia “reside in the gut”. The brain, and other body organs, are only “secondary target organs” to one’s diet, and “primary gut events”.

The above list applies to bipolar disorder, at least in the “worst cases thereof” (many persons can get well doing quite a bit less than the entire list above, as my son Willy has shown). Bipolar disorder and schizophrenia are very related illnesses, or so I believe.

Although I may get delayed from time to time in my work, I am never going to give up trying to be heard… especially after Big Pharma has hacked me so much since June 2006 trying to intimidate me, slow me down, discredit me, and/or silence me… I will fight these people that “sell drugs, hopelessness, and death” (for the money that they are making from doing such)… and I will fight them forever, no matter what difficulties that I may encounter along the way.

Allen Darman

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