One of my coming blogs (March 2007)

Dear friends:

I am more than a bit awed at the position that my son Willy and I are in in regard to the rather substantial social implications of what we have learned.

And I am deeply thankful to God… to say the very least.

One of my coming blogs is going to be similar to the preface of a book. In it, I am going to thank the many persons that helped Willy and I get to where we are today.

Besides this “preface blog”, I have a few more blogs in mind that need to be written and posted to this site. And after this, I intend on “going backward” for a bit…. going over much of the “older key material” on this site and upgrading this material with the current state of what I know.

Some blogs on this Yahoo 360 site are essentially “the very rough makings of a book in progress”. This is a book that is inevitable that I complete some day. I pledge to continue to edit, amend, and upgrade all of the key material in here as my time and my computer access allows.

Allen Darman


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