My “computer being hacked” problem (December 2006)

Dear friends::

As of the afternoon of December 10th, I could not sent email, I could not post in egroups, my Windows firewall was turned off by someone other than myself, and a whole medley of other “odd things” are going on on my “new computer” (an old one that was fixed up for me).

I am 100% certain I have been hacked again. My computer is acting very strange and is totally unutilizable on the net no matter what I seem to do with it, despite its not having a virus (or so Norton says).

The above situation will delay the generation of future written material from me, material that drug companies sure don’t want to see the light of day. I will find a way to write by using other computers (the library, etc.) vs. the one that just got hacked, but writing lengthy original material from a library is awkward, to say the very least.

However, I just can’t afford to keep buying and/or fixing computers in order to be online at home. My fiscal situation was already real precarious (I am threatened with homelessness again) without this added burden of unusual computer maintenance expense. I just don’t know the answer here, but I will do the best that I can.

Who is hacking me? I don’t know for certain. (I have to suspect that whomever is hacking me is allied with or paid for by the pharmaceutical industry, as my son Willy’s amazing bipolar recovery and his “miraculous baggie” of synergistic nutrients threatens them so much.) I am just honestly reporting here (from a public library computer) that my being hacked again occurred. The Zone Alarm firewall that I installed as soon as I got online on November 29th reported 5,674 attempted intrusions in the first 12 days that I was online, twenty one of which were high rated. It sure seems like I have targeted by some party (or parties) that does not want to make it easy for me to be on the net and say what I want to say. I was hacked last summer as well, and this computer was destroyed (both the motherboard and the data on the hard drive were lost). I have to surmise at this point that when I get online again in the months to come that I will get hammered again by whomever has already hacked me twice. I just don”t know enough about computer security to stop being hacked, nor do I have the means to get advice from someone that does. A good firewall and up to date antivirus software are just not nearly enough to protect the computers I have been using. I seem to need much more than these basic measures to prevent getting hacked again.

Anybody got any ideas about what I can do to get back online again? Or does anyone have either some spare change or an old computer that still works that they wish to contribute to “my computer fund”? I’d sure appreciate any help I can get at this point. Think of me for Xmas… lol


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