More on zeolite for detoxification (August 2006)

Dear friends:

For those that may be interested in zeolite for internal detoxification, the
following are two conversations on zeolite that I have been having on
two Yahoo egroups. I removed many name references, but the copy
is the same.


Question asked of me on another egroup:
Have you done any research yet on how much zeolite to take and
inexpensive sources for it? Also, what exactly is “green juice”?
Juice from organic veggies? Juice from greens? Green algae drink?

Dear (xxx):

Your guess is as good as mine here buddy. I just don’t know.
However, one should be able to type in things like green juices
detoxification, green leafy juices detoxification, algae
detoxification, chlorella detoxification, etc. into google and come up
with a bunch of stuff. Juicing has been used for years for
detoxification, and perhaps algae and chlorella have been used
similarly (or as adjuncts) as well. There just has to be some
information on this stuff on the net somewhere, if not in a lot of

The following post (and my reply to it) may clarify much for many, to
include some of your questions to me. It is from another Yahoo egroup
I am in on the net in regard to healing clays called “eytonsearth”. I
have removed any name references, but other than this the copy below
is the same as was posted in “eytonsearth”.

Lastly, I’ve just come back from canoeing/camping with my son Willy,
and I am on my way to go on another camping trip with someone else
starting tomorrow. Please forgive me, but both my egroup and email
response time are getting slower and slower due to multiple time
burdens and multiple causes.

All the very best,


— In, (xxx) wrote:

Just came across this and thought those of you interested
in zeolite might be interested. This is not the whole article. Found
this on the website of the person whom developed the theory of the
High pH Cancer Therapy with Cesium. I know some of you are familiar
with that as well as Dr Brewer.
best wishes

Powerful New Supplement from Volcanic Rock
Detoxifies Heavy Metals, Restores Alkaline pH, Stops Diarrhea, Reduces
Hepatitis Symptoms, Controls Some Cancers

It is a microporous inorganic mineral formed from volcanic ash and
sea salt over millions of years. There are specialized deposits of
zeolite the world over. They vary by their composition of compounds.
There are three main kinds, fibrous, leafy or crystalline zeolite.
Medical use is from crystalline zeolite that contains high quantities
of the mineral clinoptilolite. The structure of clinoptilolite
consists of silicon oxides and aluminosilicates, with a silicon
to aluminum ratio of 4 to 1 in clinoptilolite. Although it consists
primarily of silicon, like sand and some clays, clinoptilolite differs
due to its hard structure.


It’s extremely hard, microporous, honeycomb type of structure is
permeated by ducts and cavities throughout. These caves or channels
are openings where either minerals or heavy metals can bind to. The
silicon building block is electrically neutral, but the aluminum
building block carries a negative charge, creating charged sites
throughout the entire crystal structure. The balancing process that
works to maintain electroneutrality in the clinoptilolite, attracts
positive minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and
iron. These common positive cations can easily be displaced by heavy
metals such as cadmium, mercury, nickel, and arsenic and be removed
from the body.

Zeolite has a history of industrial and veterinary use, including
water purification, air filters, in animal feed to reduce the
production of ammonia and increase the nutritive effect, and in cat
litter and animal stalls to reduce odor. It has even been put in
cigarette filters to reduce nicotine and tar. A new use includes
combining it with cotton to make a microbial, deodorant material. NASA
is researching the development of a zeolite-hyrogen-gas tank for
hydrogen-fuel based cars.


*Stops acute diarrhea from food poisoning
*Binds mycotoxins, forming stable complexes
*Raises antioxidant levels in the body
*Binds with free radicals in the body
*Helps alkalize the pH
*Stops external bleeding
*Binds radioactive compounds
*Reduces muscle pain from lactic acid
*Reduces fungal foot infections
*Reduces hangovers
*In some canine cancers, reduces tumors, restores well-being,
prolongs life
*Reduces side effects of chemotherapy/radiation
*Inactivates the effects of Hepatitis viruses
*Stabilizes & regulates immune system
*In some human cancers (those that respond to interferons and
interleukins: melanoma, renal cell, lung, astrocytoma), patients may
experience prolongation of survival, decreases in tumors, or even
complete, long-term remission

[this copy continues on the link ]

Dear (xxx):

Thank you very much for this post. And the link was fascinating. In
my mind, this link was just one more “good argument” to try zeolite in
combination with green juicing, other detox measures, etc. in order to
detox my body, my liver, and my brain.

I am wondering if zeolite capsules or another quality zeolite product
can be found that is as effective as the NCD that Dr. Cousens
promotes. This stuff seems quite pricey for what is essentially a
refined clay product. Dr. Cousens Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center
also seems very pricey as well.

I am not big on “greed” when it comes to alt med products or services.
When I perceive such, as I do with NCD and Dr. Cousens healing
services (Tree of Life), it really turns me off. Despite this, I am
still fascinated by the potential of zeolite and green juicing to aid
in detoxification. I do suspect that Dr. Cousens may have stumbled
into something of great significance here. However, I am sure going
to try to beat the prices he charges, and/or the prices of the
particular zeolite product that he promotes. I don’t have any need
for the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, as I can prepare my own
green juices at home at a miniscule fraction of what Dr. Cousens
healing center costs. And it seems to me that there has to be more
than one good source for zeolite, as this is a rather common clay.

Does anyone in here know of a good, but inexpensive, zeolite product
for internal use… either in capsule or liquid form? If so, I’d sure
appreciate you sharing this in here.

I have yet to try zeolite and/or a zeolite/green juice fast, but I
certainly intend to do so in the future, when my housing situation and
fiscal situation allows me the freedom to do so.

I still intend on using bentonite and psyllium for GI tract purges, as
these have been incredibly helpful to me for years. However,
bentonite does not get absorbed into the body (unless one has leaky
gut perhaps?, but if so I am guessing that this might not be good),
and zeolite does.

Perhaps I will end up on seeing a great use for, and using both, of
these clay products…. one for cleansing my gut when necessary, and
one to get inside of me and cleanse out various toxins that have
accumulated over the years.

Time will tell here. I just do not know enough about zeolite yet, but
I sure intend to find more out when I can.

Lastly, (xxx), I’d sure love to hear your thoughts and/or knowledge in
regard to zeolite if you can find the time. You know more about
healing clays than almost anyone in here. I’d sure love it if you
chipped in anything you know about zeolite and its healing properties,
if you have not yet already done so.



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