Lessons I Taught Willy #4; Can You Use Just Food And Not Supplements To Get Well?

Dear friends:

What follows was part of an earlier lesson (#3). In review, I decided that this was better as a “stand alone lesson”, rather than a part of the one that it was in (which was a bit too long already).

It has been clear to me for a few weeks now that these “lessons to Willy” are the beginnings of “a real book” that I should write. Very soon I am going to begin an outline for this book, and tackle each lesson one at a time until this book is done.

I have also decided not to “write in here”. Thankfully, I was finally loaned a computer two days ago, such that I could write offline, rather than post “copy under construction” as I have been doing.

As a result of the above decision to not “write in here” on Yahoo 360, I removed the lesson on malabsorption, as this was material that was being worked on in here and was not yet complete. When this material concerning an overview of malabsorption is done, I will repost it in here.

Despite the fact that my life circumstances have been rather difficult this past year or two, I finally see daylight at the end of the tunnel. I have a clear plan for where to go from here, I expect to be able to find the modicum of support that I need, and I am looking forward to the completion of a very helpful book in the foreseeable future.

All the very best,

Allen Darman

Willy Lesson #4; Can You Use Just Food And Not Supplements To Get Well?

Why can’t you just “eat your way to wellness” without using nutritional supplements?

Conventional doctors either claim or infer that the food we eat has enough essential nutrients in it. They also claim or infer that we do not need nutritional supplements, and that many nutritional supplements are not very good for us. These attitudes all beg the question of “can you get better simply by eating more good quality food?” I would like to answer this question for you today.

Willy, you cannot become well by just eating more food, or even more of what is considered “good food”, in order to treat serious and multiple essential nutrient deficiencies in yourself. And this is a big part of what has caused your ADHD diagnosis and your bipolar symptoms; you have serious and multiple essential nutrient deficiencies inside yourself. To cure yourself, you will need to learn how to safely use whatever nutritional supplements may be necessary in order to fix a serious and broad state of essential nutrient deficiency inside yourself.

Why can’t you just eat your way to wellness without using nutritional supplements? One reason is that the foods that we have access to today are far too lacking in many essential nutrients in order to be able to heal you. In part, this is due to food processing. If it is not fresh meat, fresh fowl, or fresh fish, or it is not sold in the produce department, it is a processed food. Processed food is any food that has gone through a factory of some sort, and is sold in a box, a bag, a bottle, or a can. Most foods sold in a grocery store are processed foods, and they are not that healthy for you.

Why are processed foods not healthy for you?

One reason is that some food processing methods strip roughly 90% of the mineral content out of whatever food is being processed. Another reason is that processed food has often been heated or cooked in some way. Heating foods up over 120 degrees or so, or cooking foods at even higher temperatures, destroys some essential nutrients. This especially applies to the water soluble vitamins of vitamins B complex and vitamin C. Cooking food at home also destroys the enzyme content of foods as well. Raw food is loaded with various kinds of enzymes, and these enzymes are important to your overall state of health. Enzymes are heat sensitive, just as many B vitamins and vitamin C are; and cooking destroys them all.

A diet of all cooked food, and no raw food whatsoever, is a very unhealthy diet. If you eat such a diet for a long time, you are almost guaranteed to get very sick, if not die an early death. A fellow named Pottinger proved this. He proved that cooked food intake is unhealthy with generations of cats. The cats eating all cooked food just got sicker and sicker from generation to generation vs. a control group that was fed uncooked food and remained healthy.

Any time that you eat a meal of all cooked foods you should take the water soluble vitamins of B complex and C, and at least consider taking some digestive enzymes as well. This is simply common sense; to add to your food some of the obvious things that either food processing or the cooking process has taken away, so that such foods are somewhat healthier for you and your body can utilize them a little better.

Another reason that you “cannot eat your way to wellness” is that most foods in America are very deficient in essential nutrients due to the fact that the topsoil in the U.S. is some of the most depleted in the world. For example, a carrot today has only about 15% of the mineral content that a carrot had 50 years ago. This is because the soil that this carrot was grown on lacked in its mineral contents as well. This is simply the result of the fact that the crops grown in years past have taken many different minerals out of the soil, and these minerals in the soil were never adequately replaced.

One result of this situation regarding depleted topsoils in the U.S. is that mineral deficiencies in the American populace as a whole are getting worse decade after decade. Broad essential mineral deficiencies are getting to be the norm in America; far more children today have broad essential mineral deficiencies than not.

In addition to depleted nutrient content, most foods today are laced with a myriad of toxins. Pesticides, herbicides, and exposure to environmental toxins in our soil, water, and air seriously compromise the “health quality” of the great majority of food that is grown in America. Willy, you should try to eat organically grown food as much as possible, to avoid the very toxic substances that are put on our food by traditional farming methods.

Many people about my age (50 or so) realize that our parents’ generation, the WWII generation, was both stronger and healthier than ours. And most people my age also realize that children today are far less healthy than we are. Many of us in our 50’s can rather readily see a substantial decline from generation to generation in regard to overall human health. The foods that we eat, and their essential nutrient content, has to be a major part of this substantial decline in health from one generation to the next. Greater exposure to a wider range of toxins in our drinking water, in the foods we eat, and in our environment have to also be major contributors to this substantial decline in health from one generation to the next as well.

As a some examples in regard to the above, autism, ADHD, childhood bipolar disorder, childhood depression, and childhood obesity rates all over the U.S. are going though the roof. In every single state these rates are increasing, and increasing exponentially. Far more children today in America are seriously compromised health-wise than there ever were before.

Very few children were seriously compromised health-wise, either mentally or physically, when I went to through grade school and high school in the fifties and sixties. Being seriously health compromised as a child in the fifties and sixties was fairly rare; now it is quite common.

Unfortunately, what is the conventional medical model doing to address this rather obvious decline in children’s health from one generation to the next? They are ignoring virtually every nutritional and toxic factor whatsoever in these seriously health compromised kids, and simply prescribing them lots of drugs. Doctors are even prescribing very powerful and brain damaging anti-psychotic, anti-depressive, and anti-anxiety medications to children as young as three and four years old. Willy, this is totally nuts. You were a victim of this crazy medical practice yourself, when a doctor prescribed you Ritalin at the age of seven years old.

Son, you should try to always eat as healthy as possible and as best that you can. Other than what I have already said about foods, I am not going to go into foods any more today. We will cover food issues and food choices in another lesson.

No matter what I say about food, either now or later, the following statement is true; foods, no matter how good they may be, cannot adequately correct many of the serious essential nutrient deficiencies that you have; only the use of nutritional supplements can. I will teach you how to properly and safely apply nutritional supplements to yourself in another lesson.

Allen Darman


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