Lessons I Taught Willy #2; Don’t Trust The Doctors Or The Drug Companies, and Why

Dear group:

This lesson concerns what I taught my son Willy in regard to the fact that the doctors and the drug companies do not have a chance of healing him, and why.

Allen Darman

Don’t Trust the Doctors Or The Drug Companies

Willy, without enough knowledge in regard to correcting ADHD or bipolar disorder, you may have to suffer through some pretty difficult symptoms at times, and all that they may mean. And without enough knowledge, you are likely to become a victim of ignorant medical doctors, and their toxic drugs, again.

Until you talked the school and your mother out of using Ritalin on you a year ago (in 2003), you were a victim of the ignorant medical model for the four and a half years that you took Ritalin for your ADHD diagnosis. Ritalin is really bad for anyone’s health. Some children your age, and even younger, have died of liver failure from using just Ritalin alone.

Many other drugs that the doctors use do even more damage to a person’s body and brain than Ritalin does. And many of these drugs cause more death as well. Most people are not aware of the fact that well over 100,000 people in the U.S. each year die of prescription drugs that were not even abused in any way; they were simply medications that were taken as prescribed by their doctor, and taken as directed on the label of the bottle that these drugs were in. Believe me; you don’t want to be a victim of ignorant doctors or their toxic drugs any more. And the sooner you get away from these people for good, the better.

Conventional medical doctors claim that ADHD and bipolar disorder are “brain” or “mental” illnesses of some sort. Conventional doctors also claim that these brain illnesses require drugs in which to treat them properly. These medical doctors are completely wrong on both points.

Nothing that any medical doctor has told you in regard to the true nature of your illness, or how to correct it, is the truth. The doctors are lying to you either out of their own ignorance, or their own greed. Their ignorance comes from the fact that doctors are improperly educated when they go to medical school to learn how to be a doctor. And their greed stems from the fact that doctors make a great deal of money from chemical substances that they alone control; which are medications, of course.

The entire medical system in this country is built on “one big lie”. This big lie is unfortunately a matter of Federal policy; which means that it is a matter of Federal law. This big lie is that only a drug can diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

All drugs are toxins, and toxins means poisons. You cannot regain or retain either your mental or your physical health by taking poisonous substances that the doctors call medications, and that we often call drugs.

The conventional medical model the world over assumes that essential nutrient levels are not an important issue when treating any patient for any mental or degenerative illness whatsoever. Conventional doctors assume that all of their patients have a full complement of essential nutrients in their brain and their body, no matter what. These doctors also assume that if any of their patients are ill and need help of some sort that they must need a drug; and that they never need any essential nutrients, to correct whatever problem that they might have.

In ignoring the role of essential nutrients in human health, conventional doctors are unable to cure all kinds of illnesses that could readily be cured, if they were addressed properly. All these doctors are doing is contributing to hundreds of millions of people remaining sick from a wide range of illnesses, simply for the sake of the money that they make in prescribing these people a wide range of toxic drugs.

The conventional medical model the world over also assumes that toxic levels in the body and in the brain are not important issues when treating any patient for any mental or degenerative illness whatsoever. These doctors assume that all of their patients do not have any toxic problems in their brain and their body, no matter what. In addition to this, these doctors are under the assumption that if any of their patients are ill and need help of some sort, that their patients must need a drug; and never need the removal of any toxins, to help to correct whatever problem that they might have.

On the other hand, for decades alternative medicine has proven the role of toxins in harming the human health of tens of millions. Alternative medicine has shown us that toxins that harm one’s health can come from many different sources. Alternative medicine has also shown us that a very serious degree of toxins is often self-generated in a person’s own gut from a yeasts, molds, fungii, and “bad bacteria”; which are names of some of the common and problematic life forms that reside there.

Drugs rarely cure anything, with few exceptions. One notable exception is that an antibiotic drug can often kill a problematic bacterial issue in you that is causing you to be sick in some way. In doing so, an antibiotic could be considered as a “curative substance”. “Curative substance” is a rather rare term to use for any medication whatsoever.

I would like to explain this a little bit more. Antibiotics are made to kill a bacterial issue in you that is causing you to be sick in some way. Antibiotics do not kill every bacterial cell that is causing you to be sick. They just kill most of the bacterial cells that have invaded your body, such that your body’s immune system can more readily kill the rest, due to the fact that it has “less of a war in which to fight” in order to make you well. What this essentially means is that antibiotics can “cure” you by killing some cells that do not belong in you. No drug can facilitate the true health of any of your body’s own cells in any way. This is because all drugs are toxic substances, every single one.

Whenever you take an antibiotic to cure a bacterial problem that you may have, your body, and your health, pays a price for taking this drug in some way. Some times this price is rather substantial. All drugs have negative side effects on your body, and this applies to antibiotics too. You need to educate yourself about this stuff, and that is why I am talking to you today. It is my sincere belief that “doctors of the future” are primarily going to be health educators that empower people to understand and take proper care of their own bodies, just like we are doing here.

Drugs definitely cannot cure either ADHD or bipolar disorder. Only nutrients and other natural measures can cure what you have. And they can cure what you have completely, given enough time in which to do so.

Don’t let the doctors or the drug companies fool you. No matter how smart all these people are or how long they went to college, all they really care about is making money, and a lot of it. If you stay sick, you continue to be a paying customer of the doctors and the drug companies. And if you get well, they will lose you as a paying customer. Multiply this principle by the many hundreds of millions of people that are all taking medications of one sort or another all over the world. Can you imagine how much money that the doctors and the drug companies are making overall?

It is that simple, Willy. Neither the doctors, nor the drug companies that invent all of the medications that the doctors prescribe, have any fiscal motivation whatsoever to want you to regain your health. In fact, they have the exact opposite in regard to your health; if you, and hundreds of millions of other people along with you, remain sick from one illness or another, tens of thousands of doctors, and tens of thousands of people that work for the drug companies, will continue to get rich. And there are many hundreds of billions of dollars annually in aggregate involved.

The pharmaceutical industry is the most powerful and profitable industry on this earth. As a whole, the pharmaceutical industry should be considered evil. It bribes public officials in this country and in countries all over the world. The purpose of this bribery is so that laws are passed that are pro-drug, and are restrictive against the therapeutic use of nutrients in some way. No other industry on earth comes even close to what the drug industry does bribery-wise in an attempt to influence lawmakers at the present time. As one example, there are over 17,000 lobbyists in Washington, D.C. to cover only 535 elected officials in Congress; the 100 Senators and 435 Congressmen and Congresswomen that comprise the legislative branch of our Federal government. Lobbyists are people that either give money or some sort of fiscal favor to elected officials so that they can buy their support or their vote. And thousands of these lobbyists in Washington, D.C. work for the drug companies or related interests. This situation is repeated worldwide; there is that much money and profit involved in the sale of pharmaceutical drugs that bribery of lawmakers worldwide is the rule of the day. This is a really sad state of affairs, but it is the truth.

I am going to give you some examples of the power of the drug companies, so you know what is going on. One example is that our Federal government oversees drugs through the FDA, which stands for the Food and Drug Administration. Hundreds of employees that work for the FDA are actually paid directly by the drug companies. If this is not a conflict of interest, I don’t know what is. To have people whose paychecks come out of the drug industry working for the specific Federal government agency that oversees the approval and administration of drugs is nuts. I know of no other commercial industry that pays any Federal employees directly out of their pockets except the drug industry, and they pay hundreds of them that work for the FDA.

Here is another example that I am going to give you about the power of the drug industry. This last example may very negatively affect us both some day. There is a body called the Codex Alimentarius Commission that is trying to restrict the therapeutic use of, and restrict the access to, nutritional supplements worldwide. This body is attempting to take nutritional supplements out of the public’s hands, and put them in the hands of the doctors. This same body is trying to get the maximum dosage of many nutritional supplements brought down to a dosage that is no longer therapeutic or very useful at all.

The Codex Alimentarius Commission has already won in some countries, such as Germany, Italy, France, Norway, and Australia. In these countries many nutritional supplements were taken off of the free market, and a person just cannot go out and buy them any more. Other supplements were greatly restricted in their use, or restricted in their maximum allowable dosage, or both. These restrictions often include a person needing a doctor’s prescription in which to get supplements. Nutritional supplements sold through medical doctors by prescription only, as Codex is trying to do, are often five, if not ten, times more costly than those we can presently purchase on the Internet or in a health food store.

The Codex Alimentarius Commission, and their agenda to take many nutritional supplements out of the hands of the public, is coming to the U.S. some day; it is only a matter of time. Some day the same battle that was fought in other countries will be fought here in regard to who has access to nutritional supplements, the doctors or us common people, and in regard to what the maximum allowable dosage of many nutritional supplements can legally be, as well.

God forbid if Codex ever wins here. If they do, neither you nor I will be able to freely purchase many of the nutritional supplements that we may need to remain well. And if Codex wins here in the U.S., many people here may have no other practical or affordable choice to alleviate whatever serious “mental” symptoms they may have, but to take toxic drugs of some sort.

Either the drug industry has to be behind the Codex Alimentarius Commission, or it has heavily bribed many of their officials. There is simply no other way I can make sense of what is going on here.

Although the pharmaceutical industry is the real evil, the doctors are not innocent, by any means. Conventional doctors are just puppets for policies and procedures set by the drug industry. And they were taught in medical schools that are heavily funded by the drug industry. The drug industry controls what is taught in medical schools and controls medical school conceptual thought.

Doctors make a great deal of money prescribing drugs, and only drugs, for whatever ails a person, just as the medical school that they went to taught them to do. Any non-drug oriented recovery is of no interest to conventional doctors, or to doctors that are medical researchers, at all. Simply put, doctors make far too much money on the prescription of all sorts of drugs to care about real healing of any sort. Conventional doctors are not real healers; they are all people that have simply forgotten what is right, and have “sold out”.

Don’t expect conventional doctors to get you anywhere at all in regard to recovering your mental or physical health. These people don’t really care about you. Even if your own doctor seems like a really nice person, one that really seems to care about you, and they smile at you a lot, this doctor cannot help you to recover from what you have. This is because legally the only chemical healing tools that the doctors can use are medications, also known as drugs.

I’d like to tell you a little story here. In the fall of 1997, soon after I got well from over 30 years of bipolar symptoms by the use of nutrients and other natural measures, I went to see my psychiatrist and asked him what he thought of what I was doing. I showed him some of the amino acids and other nutrients I was using. My psychiatrist was an honorable man, and he told me the truth. He said “I only had a three hour seminar in regard to amino acids when I went to medical school. I don’t know very much about them, and I don’t know anything about them that can help you. You probably know more than I do about amino acids. And you look really well. If I was you, I would keep doing what you are doing. I guess that you don’t need me any more.” And then he congratulated me, and shook my hand.

Willy, my psychiatrist honestly admitted to me that he was not educated in regard to amino acids; which are the key nutrient precursors to almost every neurotransmitter, hormone, and enzyme in the body and in the brain. In essence, he was admitting to me that he was unqualifed to treat “my condition of chemical imbalance”, as he was not properly taught about essential nutrients in medical school. I appreciated this man’s honesty. However, such honesty is uncommon amongst doctors. They seem to have all banded together in favor of the use of drugs, while ignoring any potential role of nutrients in healing.

Remember the crazy Federal law that I just told you about a few minutes ago? The one that is the big lie that the entire medical system is built on? Yes, that’s the one. Only a drug can diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. By force of law, conventional medical doctors, to include the psychiatrist that I just told you a story about, are legally restricted to the use of drugs as their only chemical healing tools. In being so restricted, these doctors can not heal you of your ADHD diagnosis, or heal you in regard to your bipolar symptoms. Nor can these doctors heal hundreds of millions of other persons from a wide range of other physical, mental, degenerative, and substance abuse illnesses as well. All doctors can do is add a toxic drug (or drugs) to the equation, in an attempt to “mask”, which means hide, a person’s symptoms.

I know all of this stuff that I am telling you about modern conventional medical practice seems nuts, but I am sad to say that it is the absolute truth. Son, there is much evil in the world, and almost of it stems from greed; from an excessive love of money and the things it can buy vs. “doing the right thing”.

Sadly, it has been of no importance to conventional medicine that thousands of alternative medical doctors, as well as tens of thousands of “us common people”, have generated overwhelming anecdotal evidence in regard to the fact that using nutrients and other natural measures is the right approach, and using drugs is clearly the wrong approach, as far as healing many illnesses is concerned.

Some day history is not going to look kindly at what the doctors and the drug companies have done to hundreds of millions of people, to include tens of millions of children. Not only did they not make any real attempt to heal these millions of people, they put them on a myriad of toxic and addictive medications. And the doctors and the drug companies kept doing this tenaciously simply for the sake of the money; even to the point of bribing government officials worldwide so that laws would be passed to help doctors to continue to push drugs on an unaware public.

The doctors and the drug companies are going to face great shame for what they have done to so many millions of people, and to so many innocent children. No matter how much power the doctors and the drug companies currently seem to have, or how much they can try to influence public perception by running as many ads as they do on TV, the truth is going to win out some day. This period in history is going to be looked at as “the dark ages of medical thinking”; it is perhaps only a matter of time.

Son, you don’t need either the doctors or their toxic medications in order to heal what you have. All you need to completely cure yourself is some rather basic knowledge of how your body works, some dietary changes, various nutritional and natural supplements, a little bit of effort on your part, and “just plain common sense”. You can cure yourself Willy. I know that you can.

Allen Darman


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