Lessons I Taught Willy #1; Self-Empowerment (March 2007)

Dear friends:

This blog defines the first lesson that I taught my son Willy such that he was able to profoundly “cure himself” of an ADHD diagnosis, classic bipolar symptoms, and a rather serious lack of physical health as well.

My primary goal in all of these “lessons to Willy” was a self-empowering one. I taught my son the basics of human health. And I taught him in as simple a manner as possible how his brain and body work, and what he may need to know in order to be able to fix his body and brain when they did not work.

In essence, I taught Willy, beginning at age thirteen, “how to become an effective doctor of himself”. What a great job he has done thus far. And what a great example he is setting for other persons, even those in their teen years, to follow suit.

These lessons were often taught to Willy verbally on weekends while we were driving somewhere, or while we were sitting beside a river or a creek, which were some of our favorite destinations. This occurred due to the fact that I am a non-custodial father, and my ex-wife was not very big on the use of alternative medicine, especially in the beginning. (She has wisely relented on this stance, and is purchasing Willy’s supplements now.) I taught Willy “in private”, away from people that were not interested in, or had opinions against, what we were saying.

Perhaps surprising to some is that Willy has yet to read a single book in regard to any alternative medical principles or practices. Although I have told Willy repeatedly that he must read many of “my sources of information” some day, I have not pushed him to be heavily interested in alternative medicine. (I sincerely hope he chooses to be this some day, but this is his choice, not mine.)

Willy is just a sixteen year old teenager, after all. Although he got profoundly well using self-applied alternative medical concepts and practices, he has not “made alternative medicine his life”, as I have. Willy has a typical teenager’s interests. He would rather do many other things, than read a lot of alternative medical books at home. (Thankfully he is now reading other books at home on topics that interest him more.)

The fact that Willy has not read a single book on any alternative medical topic, and yet has become as amazingly well as he has, is a strong testament to the simplicity of profound chemical correction. (Willy has proven that profound chemical correction can be self-applied by a “learning impaired” teenager. How complex can it be?)

It is my sincere belief that if Willy, a “learning impaired” child when we began, could learn what he needed to in order to heal himself, then almost anyone else can.

Allen Darman

Lessons I taught Willy #1; Self-empowerment

1. Your recovery is really up to you. It is your body and your brain. You need to take full personal responsibility for their proper maintenance and care.

(I got the idea of taking full and complete responsibility for one’s own recovery in 1995 from an earlier version of Mary Ellen Copeland’s “The Depression Workbook”, a version that is unfortunately no longer in print. In my opinion, the attitude reflected here is “an essential foundation step” in any true recovery.)

2. To fulfill the personal responsibility that you have to take care of your own body and your own brain, you need to learn the basics of how the human body and the human brain both work. You also need to learn how to fix your body and your brain if either of them are not working “quite right”.

[This is not that hard to do. I tried at all times to make a complex subject (the human body) simple. I did this so that even my once “learning impaired” son Willy (he is no longer “learning impaired”) would readily understand what I was saying. He could then rather easily incorporate the concepts that I was teaching him into his daily life.]

3. I can teach you whatever knowledge you may need, and give you access to many healing supplements to use. However, it is up to you to apply this knowledge, and these supplements, successfully to yourself.

(I knew that I could teach Willy what I had learned in regard to my own personal recovery from over three decades of bipolar symptoms in the late 1990’s.)

4. No doctor is going to follow you around all day, making the proper dietary choices for you, or showing you how and when to supplement yourself, or monitoring your bowel health when you go to the toilet. No one can do these jobs well for you but you. You need to learn how to become “an effective doctor of yourself”.

(I credit Andrew Saul of http://www.doctoryourself.com/ with the terminology “doctor of yourself” in the above.)

5. You can do this Willy. I know you can. And don’t be worried about not being able to succeed. I will guide you all the way until you have learned what you need to know, and until your healing job is essentially complete. (It is now, thank God.)

This is the end of lesson # 1. In lesson # 2, I taught Willy why he should not trust the doctors or the drug companies when it comes to ADHD or bipolar disorder.

Allen Darman


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