I’ve got a few volunteers for baggies, etc. but… (February 2007)

Dear friends:

I am patiently awaiting the day that I am in a position to be able to actually teach other persons “how to be the doctor of themselves”, just as I did to my son Willy. (What an amazing recovery this generated.)

I know deep in my heart that I can repeat “Willy’s recovery” with other persons that are willing to do something similar to what my son did to become well.

I sure wonder what the medical model for manic depression is going to look like after I have created two, then four, and then a dozen “Willy-like” recoveries.

I do have a few volunteers locally that are willing to try whatever I suggest (Willy’s baggie or a close rendition thereof, probiotics, dietary changes, colonics, etc.) in regard to overcoming ill health naturally.

Unfortunately, my fiscal circumstances are such that I cannot afford to buy any of these people supplements or pay for any other natural measures that they may need. And the people that I am talking to at present are all rather poor…. they are unable to buy an adequate therapuetic amount of supplements for themselves, nor can they really afford any other natural measures as well.

It looks like I am a bit stuck for the time being in regard to proving out my son Willy’s baggie, etc. on other persons.

Although I am temporarily stuck in regard to proving what I know, this is a situation will not last forever. At some point in perhaps the next six months or so I expect to be able to find some fiscal resources (even a few thousand dollars would help), such that I can buy enough supplements in order to work with a few other people locally in order “to prove out what I know”.

Incidentally, for the past nine years I have freely given away a great deal of insight and knowledge in regard to correcting bipolar disorder and depression naturally to other persons. (I have admittedly been “gifted” perhaps $500 in total offering alternative medical advice to other persons over the past nine years.) Perhaps I made a mistake in “not hanging out my shingle” years ago, offering to counsel other bipolar persons to wellness for money. If I had done this, I might not be so fiscally impoverished today. I just did not want to seem like “I was selling something”, or that my agenda was self seeking in any way (as it is not).

As far as I am concerned, the medical model of manic depression ended with my son. The world does not realize such yet… but perhaps it will some day… after I help many more people to become well from bipolar disorder by teaching them “how to become an effective doctor of themself”, just as I did with my son Willy Darman.

Allen Darman

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