I have been knocked off of home access to the net (January 2008)

Dear friends:

What follows is a recent egroup post regarding my being “knocked off of the Internet”.


Dear egroup:

I am sorry to report that I will only be able to sporadically post to this (and other) egroup(s) in the future, depending on what public libraries I may have access to, and how much time they will allow me to use their computers.

My Internet access has been “library only” for a number of months, as it seems that the drug industry will target any home computer that I use.

I don’t see the above situation changing any time soon, if ever. No matter what computer I go online with, and no matter what antivirus, antispyware, and/or firewall setup I may use, and no matter what state I would use such in, any personal computer that I get on the Internet with and start posting to egroups with is extremely likely (as in 100% of the time) to be hacked into with a week, if not within the first few days of my going online.

Essentially, I have been “knocked off the net” by hackers paid for by the drug industry. (Obviously, I have no legal evidence that the drug industry is doing this to me, but I am certain it is the truth.)

This is nuts; Thank God for public libraries… lol… as at least every so often I can get some solid writing work done (I expect to get a bit of writing work done fairly soon).

Apparently, I have developed some semblence of a real answer for bipolar disorder, depression, and perhaps a number of other health and addiction issues as well. Various blogs on http://360.yahoo.com/allen_dar provide a good deal of detail in this regard.

I cannot recommend balanced broad based supplementation taken all at once enough (similar to what my son Willy is doing). Coupled with dealing with various problematic gut issues (such as food allergy, intestinal dysbiosis, a lack of digestive enzymes, etc.) balanced broad based supplementation taken all at once is very powerful and positive healing intervention. Broad based supplementation is a big part of “the best answer that I have found thus far” for both depression and bipolar disorder (and it could so easily be improved and “proved out”, assuming that I ever get a modicum of help from others).

“Willy’s baggie” is far superior to the supplementation regime that Truehope and others offer for the correction of BP and/or depression in most so afflicted… at least that is my opinion.

Lastly, I truly miss “being here”. I miss being able to do all I can to help others that still suffer from BP, depression, and the like. I also miss having “adequate writing and Internet time”, such that I can fully and freely share with thousands of other people over the Internet what I have learned.


Allen Darman


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